Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Catching up a little safe maintenance

I am trying to be good that is for me.  I am technically an owl who gets up when everyone is going to bed and I start doing things at odd times just getting stuck into things at will. However increasingly with working full time I am finding that every couple of days or so I need to be in bed that little bit earlier in order to let my body have a chance to rest and catch up. 

To tell the truth I have not been firing on all cylinders since the flu I had at Christmas and I think I am in the throes of starting another cold - I hope not  - also another reason for going to bed earlier for me.  T

he other reason of course is that I wanted to finish my book - but now I feel bereft until I get stuck into the next one.  That aside the other reason is that I do want to take things in hand is that with these flare ups on the health front that I am starting to feel like a little old lady (no offence to little old ladies - and perhaps not a good comparison) - I am not "old" and still have plenty of living to do but I have decided that I am going to have to help myself a little more.

I am not naturally a girl/woman (decidedly confused at times) who looks after herself.  I don't wear makeup preferring the more natural look and using what I have which in the greater scheme of things may not be the best looking but it is what I have.  I do not always use a moisturiser either - my skin only needs it every so often although with the weather being as it has been I have stared using a day moisturiser only Nivea (I find it does not cost the earth and lasts a fair while) nothing too expensive and that seems to work for me.  My father did not like makeup and when I was growing up the only time I was allowed to wear a little was if we were going out somewhere special.  I don't know why as my mum always used to put her tootie on before she went out the full works and I was always intrigued as a child but it is a habit I have never really got into.

One thing I did manage to do for myself last night was my manicure.  Just a simple one where I file my nails down and then rub them with a small piece of cotton wool with either a little olive oil or a little baby oil.  It helps the nails immensely and then I buff them up which gives them a natural shine. I like nicely shaped and painted nails but I cannot type with long nails so tend to keep them nicely shaped and simple.  Some of the girls have the gel nails and they look lovely but I believe that once you use them you have to continue using them which is something I do not want to be held too.  They look lovely but so can simple natural hands and nails and with typing my nails soon split (Vitamin D level I think) but at the moment they are good.  Tonight it will be the turn of my tootsies and my toe nails.  I also rubbed some baby oil into my skin last night - I have found my skin assimilates the oil much better although I do use body cream every so often as well.   

I knew rain was coming last night - so I took a couple of paracetamol before I went to bed to help ease things down a bit.  It is not a habit I want to get into but I think it is something that I will have to go with every now and then when things become too much (I have a high pain threshold like my mum so if and when I take meds things are not so good s I tend to use it as a last resort).  Taking the paracetamol has its downside but the other reason is that the flares are inflammation where the antibody levels are high in my system and this is when the damage is done to the joints and the soft connective tissue in its simplest form. I am more at risk during the temperature flares with the epilepsy and that is what I have been told to take sorts of kills two birds with one stone i.e. the pain and temperature which can trigger the epilepsy.  It has helped, I am going to have another couple before work but the downside is that yet again I do not feel like I am firing on all cylinders.  I could quite readily go back to bed and just sleep for England.  It is just one of those days.

I have been proved right with the rain again It has been raining heavily overnight, the air is damp and I feel stiff; it is still raining.  A grey horrible day where I will end up wrapped up to the nines to keep myself and my joints .  No wonder people are getting colds because it is that inbetween time where it is neither one thing or another.

One of the other things I want to do is increase my steps.  I want to get back to the walking into work which I have not done for sometime and I also want to start at the gym for perhaps once a week as I think it will help with tightening things up a bit if you know what I mean. (sorry if I am embarrassing any of you gents but it is a fact of life to me).

On a lighter note one of my favourite tongue in cheek poems is when I wear purple.  I always used to laugh at this as a youngster but as I get older the sentiments are becoming very very true.

Catch you all later on and hope you have a good day.



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