Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Embroidery Charts

For many years I have collected in particular the Leisure Arts cross stitch charts and at one time their monthly magazines.  Then my source dried up in this country and for many years I did not see them.  However just recently I have been finding the odd charts to add to my collection (which is quite extensive in any event) on Ebay.  I have not paid very much for them.  You do have to be careful though as I have found a couple of people generating computer charts on A4 paper, nicely presented but you cannot read the charts.  On one in particular I thought it was an original chart so you do really have to be careful and read the small print.

Anyway here are a few of the new to me charts:

I have a thing about Angels.  The one below is a Leisure Arts Chart the ones below that are Lavender and Lace charts.

 I could not resist this one it is really pretty and like the others will take some working but I want to get really organised with this.

Native American Indian charts are also another love of mine.  I was looking for one that was not too complicated that I could make as a present for the OH.  He has an interest in Native American Indians as well.  I have several Native American charts including the traditional wedding blessing in the stash.

I was also quite taken with these Sampler designs I think that they could be converted to make a picture frame insert or two.  Would look stunning on some vintage photographs or indeed as samplers worked for family members.

I was particularly inspired by this Leisure Arts Afghan pattern it is really very pretty.

I have also picked up the following as well:

This looked such a lovely kit but I am finding it difficult to read the graphs which are computer generated so despite being a lovely picture I am not sure that I will be able to work it.

The Unicorn one is better but will still be a little difficult to follow

I thought this wildflower cushion panel would fit in very nicely with my Country Diary of an Edwardian lady bits and bobs.

I also have a thing about poppies and think this draught excluder is stunning.

Crochet has to feature somewhere along the line and this one is different and has been put in the pile of bits and bobs to work at some point probably utilising a lot of scraps.

And another All Our Yesterdays Chart

I also liked this footstool pattern.  Does anyone know where you can get hold of footstool blanks or indeed make my own?

And another Lavender and Lace one a trio of pictures.

That's it for now on the new charts to go with the rest of my collection.  I have at some point also to sort out a lot of crafting magazines when I can get to them.  Hopefully that will not be too long.  There are also the knitting machine magazines of my mum's as well.  Looks as though I am going to be busy for a long time coming.

Catch you soon.



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  1. Gosh, you've got your work cut out with all those! I love your taste though. I have some of those Lavender and Lace charts but find them rather daunting as there is so much detailed work. I used to love x-stitch but need a really good light these days (I have one of those magnifying craft lamps too and NEED it). Those should keep you out of mischief for aa few years : )


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