Sunday, 18 March 2018

Its been a lazy day

We had quite a bit of snow overnight but I still think we have managed to come off lightly compared to the rest of the country.  It was bitterly cold here again last night and I left the heating on to keep the house ourselves and the animals warm  - this is a cold house in any event at the best of times. When I woke first thing it was minus 2.  I then crashed back to sleep hence it being a lazy day as it was late for me when I eventually woke up. We have not had further snow today yet but it has been a tad warmer than yesterday so who knows. However tonight it is very cold again.  We will see what tomorrow brings.  If it snows again then I will walk.  Am all geared up to do so.

As children we only see the pleasure of snow and ice, making snowmen, making slides and scooting along at top speed, watching the snow come down from the house (we were always told it was Mrs Claus shaking out Santa Claus'  feather pillows out).  The snow for children is magical. As children we do not see the dangers.

It is only when you become an adult that reality "bites".  That soft powdery deep snow is not good for travelling in and people get hurt.  It gets dangerous with traffic sliding all over the place especially if roads have not been salted and pavements that have been cleared become ice traps and the older you get the more you don't land so well if you slip.  We do not handle the cold so well either. Realistic practicalities but no innocence of childhood no magic or spontaneity.  

When I see snow the inner child in me wants to get out in it wrapped up with gloves, scarf and thick coat to get out there and build a snowman or to go sliding about on a sledge.  We had a large sledge that my Dad used to drag us about on as kids for miles and any slope was fair game.  Around here there are not that many hills being flat Fenland.

Today though has been a very lazy day - my energy levels have dipped yet again so I have listened and just chilled.  I want to be doing one of my needleworks but I do not have the  cream wool yet in which to complete the first in line which is a design I have worked before was a Coleshill collection needlepoint called Briar Rose that was bought part worked from Flea bay. The backing with the kit is a pale green but I wanted cream to blend in with the other panels that I have worked.  I have already worked two of these and they are in the stash and I have another one yet to complete, so with this that will be four panels for the cushion covers in this particular design.

The next Flea Bay panels are two very small ones which strike me as traditional "Berlin" style needlework. One of them just needs working a small corner in a burgundy coloured wool which I am currently working but I need to match up the colour for the other panel either from my stash or buy some new in.  They are not very big but ideal for the centre of a small cushion panel surrounded by patchwork (strip patchwork) panels to make the front of the cover.  

I also have an Glorfafilia canvas which I think I may have enough colours in my stash it is peachy pink tones but should blend in with everything else.

So that's in the box for immediate attention when I have a few minutes here and there and hopefully I will be able to get them out of the way pretty quickly will post an update when done.

We have had a lovely chicken meal with roasties, mash, chipolatas, roasted onion, stuffing bread sauce broccoli, cauliflower carrots and peas oh and yorkie puds.  It went down a treat am now totally stuffed.

Right I had better get ready for tomorrow a lot to do still.

Catch you soon,

Keep safe and warm



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  1. A lovely post,I always read your posts and always enjoy them.


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