Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Just a little plastic tub

Which arrived.  Not ostentatious just a small plain recycled ice cream tub but a veritable Pandoras box with some surprises in it. I had placed a bid on ebay for a mixed batch of embroidery threads which I won. That little ice cream box gave me so much pleasure when I opened it up as not only were there a whole host of threads there was a little embroidery hoop as well.   It was with the same satisfaction that I used to browse my aunty's button box that I gently went through this inconspicuous little gem.

The contents it was clear had belonged to someone who loved embroidery as not only were there the threads and the hoop there were a couple of prepared linen pieces with transfers already on with the vintage pattern and instructions for making embroidered cutwork mats.

This is what I saw when I took off the lid.

When I unfolded the paperwork this is what I found. It is really pretty.  I have been interested in cut work for a long time although have never tried any.  It looks as though I now have that opportunity once I have practiced a bit more.

Together with detailed drawings of the template and how to work it and also trace off further mats if I so wish.  That is what I love about the older patterns.

And then Irish linen transfer marked mats.  One is the cutwork cheval mats as illustrated above and 

the other one is Daffodils and other flowers also a cutwork piece.  It would appear to be more of a tray cloth/table mat but still very beautiful.

there was even a blouse trim/pillowcase transfer trim as well.

Over forty skeins of thread, some whole some part-used but a lovely mix of colours that will go well with the threads I already have to hand.

This latter pictures shows to Pearsall silk twisted thread.  I have never come across this before and found a heather, white, green and blue version hidden in the bottom of the box.  I may keep this aside and keep it with my vintage needlework bits and bobs.

Right upwards and onwards although I could linger going through this box for a little more time.

Catch you soon.



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