Friday, 2 March 2018

So pleased to be home

Am so pleased to be home this evening it has been a very cold day at work.  It started where I walked into work and meet up with one of my work colleagues and we walked into the office together arriving early but safe.  We have a green system that works our air conditioning units (from what I understand) but it kept switching itself off today because the units which are housed outside were freezing up every so often and it was so so cold. I have not known it this cold since I was a child and then it was a regular occurrence.

At dinner I was going to have a look up town as I need new bedding, new duvets and pillows but I always have a good look around before I actually buy.  Well I did not make it into town a very good work mate fancied some fabric touching and so we ended up at a new to me store  called Plush Addicts.  My friend makes lovely patchwork quilts and the ones that she has brought into work for us to look at have been gorgeous.  Anyway back to Plush addicts.  They had an awful lot of stuff I have never seen so many different threads and different makes altogether including embroidery thread.  I came away with three different lengths of pure cotton a pale turquoise, a spring green which will go with my green gingham for the kitchen, and a darker turquoise.  All for my fabric stash although obviously the spring green will not be used with the two different shades of turquoise.  They also had batting, quilting panels, lots of plush velour fabric in every shade possible, hand embroidery threads, no end of patchwork fabrics both patterned and plain.  I saw some lovely batiks which I may go back and acquire at some time in the future. So I had an unexpected and a very pleasant lunch. Who can resist the urge to stroke lovely fabric!  Well I can't and neither can my friend.  I think I shall be going to that shop again.  The owners have a lovely black Labrador in there who likes a bit of fuss.  Needless to say I obliged.

Here is a link for those of you interested.

It was a long afternoon a busy one but still long.  As I have said I was pleased to get in.  I have had a couple of bids on ebay for some bits and bobs and I have been successful with some of the items I had fancied.  More on that at another time.  We have had fish for tea tonight.  I did not fancy much and fish makes a nice lightish dish.  So OH had haddock and I had smoked haddock cooked in milk and then dressed with butter and a bread roll.  It was delicious. The fish came from M & S and in reality one pack of fish would have done the two of us.  However HRH does not like smoked haddock!

I now have some sorting out to do in readiness for tomorrow so will catch you later.

Please keep an eye on elderly relatives, friends, people on their own to make sure that they are warm and most of all that they are okay.  A little kindness never hurt anyway and may be the icing on the cake to the person who is helped.

Take care and catch you soon.

Please keep warm and safe.



on a lighter note out Jack Russell loves the snow and goes a bit crazy with it.  This is what happens when she goes walkies in the snow.  No wonder her feet were cold when she landed on my lap when OH came to fetch me this evening.

Catch you soon.


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