Monday, 12 March 2018

Vintage embroidery, linen, lace, Transfers and bits and bobs part 2

Embroidered Garden.  This is a combination of painted and embroidered picture. This is another 1930s picture (or at least that is what it was sold as).

Here are some of the newest acquisitions on the embroidery front.  This panel is very different to the ones I had already acquired but I think fits in very well with them.  It is also slightly different.  The Railway has played a big part in our family's life over the years my Great Grandfather having been a Boilermaker and having worked on the Flying Scotsman in its heyday.  When I was a little girl we lived outside of Oakham and at the bottom of the garden was the Railway line.  Not many children have Railways at the bottom of the garden but we did although mum used to not be too happy if she had just done the washing and hung it out and got smuts all over it from the passing trains.

A mixed batch of worked needlepoint that are all destined to be turned into cushions.  I have bits and bobs in the poppy design from the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady range.  I also have poppy china/dinner service.  These are destined for a kitchen/family room area and will go well with my pine kitchen furniture that I currently have in my dining room.  The butterfly one will be also made up into a cushion to go with the kit I am already working plus a finished piece and also a new kit I have on the way.  I really like traditional English Wildlife based projects they have a charm all of their own.

A lovely seasonal picture

This in real life is even better.  It is stitched beautifully and has a real depth to it.

A walk in the park bringing back tableaus of a past time which I absolutely love.

By the seaside

Two finished flower basket needlepoints to turn into cushions for the best room.  I have a roses/flower themed scheme going on for the front room.  With the aid of my over-locker and backing fabric these will soon make up into some pretty lovely cushions. 

I think these next three pictures are Rowandean kit  pictures.  If not they are based on a similar idea but not terribly sure.  They are exquisite in any event and joins a couple of others I already have.

Poppies and Cornfield

Little bridge

Honeysuckle cushion cover and a little mat

This will go beautifully with the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady soft furnishings I have for my bedroom.  The embroidery is exquisite on this and I think I may be able to take a tracing off of it to reproduce some similar panels or indeed needlepoint pieces.  I have several Country Diary of an Edward Lady cross stitch kits to do in any event.

All Our Yesterdays.  I have several of these kits and one of the is completely done this is the original Carousel Kit I also have the schoolchildren one and a couple of others in the stash.

Cottage Garden.  This I love all those flowers depicting a proper English Garden.  This piece was a little expensive in the greater scheme of things but I just loved it as soon as I saw it and it will go in with all the other pictures I have as well.

Friend Panel.  This came from America and so another one that was a little more expensive than I would have liked but I just love this.  The crewel work is beautifully executed and the poem itself says it all.  it is a lot larger than I thought it was but it is lovely and will fit in with everything else I already have.

And the most recent acquisition purchased today.  I have yet to receive this one.  I have a similar one that was purchased last year which I paid a lot more for though.  They are very charming and I think that they very much depict the style of their time.  This is a 1930s piece.  Although a lot of the ones above are perhaps about 30 years old - I am speaking more of the Victorian/Edwardian style panels.

I have collected these over the last 12 months or so.  However there are still a few more items to come so it looks as though this will spill into a third post.  Hope you are not too bored.  I think I am starting to get some really nice pieces together.  A lot of them need framing.  I do have quite a few frames in storage so I may well have to retrieve those, but for the bigger ones I my try and match them if I can.

Catch you all soon.




  1. Love love everyone of them.. I am having trouble reading the print tonight but was wondering if these are all yours.. So glorious!!!

  2. Hi Faye

    A lot of my needlework collection has been found second hand either at the charity shops, or Ebay and Etsy some of it very cheaply other pieces a bit more costly. A lot of it is superb and the freestyle form of embroidery which was one of the first crafts I was taught although I consider myself a novice at this so I have some kits to ease me back into doing this - a couple of simple ones and I also have kits to work on the Victorian/Edwardian theme and the All Our Yesterdays kits which I will cover in a separate post as well as a lot of already finished work predominantly on needlepoint as I have been making panels to insert into cushions for my front room which will eventually be made into cushions using recycled vintage fabric as well. The making of the covers will not take long but the panels have taken sometime.. Well that is the plan in any event. I just love beautiful things and collecting and making things work. I am glad you like them. I will pop up a post with some of the pieces I have completed personally over the years at some point as well. I hope the eyes start working again soon. Take care Pattypan.


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