Thursday, 5 April 2018

Creative Juices

Are flowing again and I am itching to get playing and I have to behave myself.  I am getting all sorts of ideas  and have been gathering things together to have a play for when OH goes fishing again.  In the interim I am beavering away at the background to the small briar rose needlepoint that is going to be used as a cushion centre panel however it is slow going but I shall persevere and will get there in the end.  I have done a little more than I had the other day.

I am actually itching to get on with an embroidery kit which is a Glorafilia Kit Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady and is a panel surrounded by the months of the year and then relevant flowers or plants for each month and then a quote in the middle.  However at the moment for me I am being remarkably restrained.  Needlepoint first and if I can get the current cushion panel out of the way and the two little ones then I might allow myself to work the embroidery kit in between everything else.  It was a fleabay find at a very good price even with the postage.  Regular followers will know that I have quite a few bits and bobs on the Edwardian Lady theme/collection already and my bedroom is destined to be decorated out in the honeysuckle and roses design.  I even have vintage wallpaper to use as well and I have my eye on working a couple of rugs as well.

This is a photo of the kit I am itching to start.

I particularly like hand crochet lace and I have some in my stash which is destined for trimming one of my cotton top sheets and also some pillowcases.  I have some of my mum's vintage cotton pillowcases that are plain so that lace is destined for them and I also have a vintage cotton sheet.  It is a shabby chic look as the lace maybe will do one sheet or a pillowslip here or there and apart from the same colourway perhaps the patterns do not match but the pretty feminine touches often make all the difference and soften things down.

I have been trying to work the needlepoint I am currently working on about an hour or so before I go to bed so even though I only do a little at least it is slowly getting done.  I was not able to do any last night because of the migraine but the early night seems to have done me the world of good in the longer run and the weather here today has been glorious.  A little edge to the wind but still a lovely sunny day which has long been overdue.  I even took  my jumper off at work today.  My original choice of top this morning underneath my jumper was okay for under my jumper but I took another top in with me as I had not realised until the last moment that you could see my undies through the top and got changed into the more suitable one after I got too hot.

Its been a very busy day again at work and I had a nice surprise waiting for me as OH had decided to take us out for a meal which was a lovely surprise.  We went to a pub called The Mulberry Tree which we had not been to before and the food was extremely good.  However I think I am getting very long in the tooth.

It is a pub that welcomes children as well as adults but what I could not get over was that no one was supervising the children they were left by the adults and I am talking at 7 to 8 years at the most if not younger.  Perhaps I am being too judgmental but there are couples out there who cannot have children and would make very good parents and yet don't get a chance and others who fall at the drop of the hat and are no always geared up to be parents.  However these children were being very much left to their own devices in the pub and getting into mischief notably in the ladies loos where they had been shredding the toilet paper!  I don't think that it is a suitable environment to leave them unsupervised in as you never know who or what is on the premises.  I really do despair.  Its as though the "adults" turn into children as soon as they get in the pub!

Oh well less of my grumbling I think I am gradually turning into the old p.... in the corner!

Catch you all later.



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