Sunday, 8 April 2018

Saturday and Sunday Sunday

Hope your day has been a good one thus far.

It started off yesterday really if truth be known when we started off with a leisurely breakfast and a bit of banter round at our local café which was all well and good no problems there.

OH had seen a van for his fishing he wanted to take a look at.  There is never such a thing as take a look at with men as he ended up buying it.  Needless to say it suits his requirements, drives well and should stop him mithering on about one.  So that should be ready for him later in the week ready for him to go fishing for the weekend.

First thing this morning therefore I have been trying to get connected on the Internet to arrange insurance what a palaver.  If they reckon they are simple come again I work on a computer all day long and that was not simple.  We have however got sorted after going on the Meerkat website to find out our options and that is now all sorted as well and with a local company.  Not everyone insures vans.  Phew.

I have had a little bit of the cake - it really is too much - they look opulent and the thought was kind but I think when they make things bigger something is lost in flavour and translation.  I was not too impressed and do not think I will be finishing it off.  OH has been muttering about tea and I just cannot face the thought of it at the moment.  Will sort something out.

Me I am engaged in scrubbing out the little room from top to bottom and I have just stopped for a moment as I am getting a little hot under the collar.  One little room is scrubbed out within an inch of its life I shall set to on the washing - just for clothes for work this week and they don't take much doing and somewhere along the  line as I have said previously I will have to feed his lordship.

Its been raining on and off all day and is muggy but miserable.

Earlier today I packed away some of my Easter decorations which I don't think I have shown before.  In recent years I have bought the odd little egg ornament to put on the dressers.  I never thought to take the photos of the decorations in situ but here are a few of them.

Two china eggs with sweet violets on them.  I love violets.

An Aynsley Wild Tudor dish ideal for putting sweeties in or pot-pourri. I absolutely love this design.

And two Easter China Eggs one with a hare and one with a rabbit.

Right am off to carry on with operation little room.  Catch you later on.



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