Monday, 25 June 2018

Good Morning, Good Morning

I have been up and about since about 6:00am up and about before OH who came wandering in bleary eyed a bit confused as I was actually up and around.  Not something that normally happens but whilst I am at home, I want to try and get myself sorted out a bit and I really do love being up first thing usually on my own appreciating what is going on in nature around me.  When we go down to Cornwall at the place that we usually stay I usually after a few days get rested and sorted out and go and sit on the verandah of the Cottage and just sit and be there with a mug of coffee in my hand, enjoying the sun just sitting peaceably, listening to the bird song and just simply being and breathing.  It is a place so full of nature and reminds me of my Nan's Bungalow and the peace and quiet we used to enjoy there.  I am a person that needs to come too gradually in any event.  I could just do with being down in Cornwall at the moment but that is not going to happen yet unless the universe intervenes.  Ah never mind.  One day as my dear Dad used to say.

And what a gorgeous morning it is.  Already things have been happening like walking the dog, watching the rabbits and the squirrels feeding, a swan having a wash and brush up on the river, and birdsong, beautiful bird song.  It is also temperate which at this time of the morning smacks of a warm day to come.  It is magical.  Nature at her best. Season is on the turn again though the blackberries in the wild are starting to form their fruits.  So enjoy the sun whilst we have it and gather in the stores whilst you can for the pantry shelf.  I intend to start the canning/bottling whilst I am off work and get a nice little stock of things in like Apple sauce, apple slices, Tomato Sauce (pasta), Tomato Salsa, Pineapple jam, Lemoncello, Rhubarb Gin, Bottled plums, etc.  I am hoping to take advantage of the reduced items at the veggie shop.

I have already started one of my chores for the day.  I bought Gooseberries last week (a post still to come) but I bought further ones over the weekend and so I have started processing the second batch which are to go into the freezer.  OH likes a Gooseberry Crumble during the winter months.  It is not the only thing that needs doing, but I will see how I get on with the Gooseberries first as to what I do next.  I have some lovely Lemons that would be good for a Lemon Curd, some chillies to dry (for my pickled onions).  I also intend to start spicing the vinegar as well.

I had made myself a cup of coffee first thing which I was enjoying until Bumble decided to jump up where he was not supposed to and demolished it.  Fortunately the mug was intact, but as he cannot keep his nose out of anything and he only just has to look at stuff before it ends up in a heap or somehow falls over, that is why we called him Bumble.  So I am now off to make another one.

Upwards and Onwards.

Catch you soon.



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  1. Herbie tends to wait until I have either a cuppa or the laptop in my hands and then he pounces.


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