Thursday, 21 June 2018

Lasagna for tea

OH is getting spoilt with me being home in that most nights he is getting a home cooked meal of one sort or another. This evening it was home made Lasagna.

I served it with cut and come again mixed lettuce from out of the garden that I have grown in small seed trays.  The salad was fresh, tasty, lifted the lasagna and best of all there was no waste at all as I only cut enough for our immediate use.  Result from another thing I have grown.  

Normally, OH is the master at making Lasagna and it is the one dish I have always left for him to do. So his standard is quite high when making this, but he said I did more than okay and is going to take some of it in to eat at work tomorrow.  Well I thought it was tasty but I am biased, just one or two more tweaks and it should be more than okay.  I never use mozzarella when making Lasagna and neither does OH.  I use a nice strong stinky cheddar and it works.

I am now more than a little stuffed and I have some fresh pears to have for pudding.  I bought four the other day but I may do a pear and blue cheese salad for tomorrow night's tea but will have to exchange the walnuts for pecans.  OH does not do Walnuts.  I do.  But for the sake of getting him to eat something.

Hope you all have a good evening.  Catch you soon.




  1. My your lasagna looks yummy!!
    I haven’t made one for ages, I must do one, can you share any tips or recipe please, you are such a talented cook.

    Are you busy with any sewing/knitting/crochet at the moment?
    Always like hearing what you are up to? By the way I loved your rocking chair. Kathy x

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