Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Wednesday catch up

I unexpectedly went to a friends yesterday and spent the afternoon and early evening with her and another friend and it was really lovely.  Lots of laughter, chatting and the wine was flowing.  This morning I was a little hung over!  Lets say that I am very much ready for my bed tonight.  I met another friend for lunch today and we had a chicken tikka salad for our dinner.  Which was rather tasty and a good catch up.

After meeting my friend for lunch I nipped into Wilkinsons and picked up some more glasses whisky sized and tumbler sized and a couple of water infuser bottles to add fruit too for the fridge.  I also bought two fruit juice jugs both glass, 

It has been viciously hot today and I have had the fans on for the cats and the dog with plenty of water for them as well.  We have to take Missy in the van to where we walk her down by the river.  We have a doggy bottle with a  foldable bit on it which means she can have a drink.  We keep it in the van and we purchased it from the local pet store for £1.  In this weather we offer her a drink as she tends to run around everywhere and then pants to try and cool down. This evening we did the same but she has also had a bath to help cool her down a little in warm water. She is now sprawled out quite happy thank you very much.   My thing is we can get a drink as and when but I decided that we would carry a bottle of water in the van but sometimes that gets too hot.  So tonight when OH went to get petrol we bought a bottle of cold water as well and she lapped that up pretty quickly after her walk.  She goes wherever we can take her so we cater for her as well.

We have had a kebab each for tea and very tasty it was too.  It has gone down very nicely and I feel a bit more with it.  

The garden is watered up and I shall water it again first thing tomorrow.  I am hoping to do some potting up first thing.  I have some more strawberries and a few tayberry berries as well.  Next year I think will do better on the fruit.  I am slowly deciding what I do and do not want and each year I am adding a few bits more.

Right upwards and onwards still things to do.

Catch you soon.



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