Wednesday, 20 June 2018

What a morning

I was waiting for my rocking chair to arrive and so I did a little clearing around the back door and then started to cut the hedge - we have a privet hedge in the front garden that has gone a bit wild of late.  We have an electric hedge cutter but I cannot hold it for long and so I prefer to cut the hedge with clippers.  I had not long started that when the Charity shop tried to deliver me a table and chairs.  Slightly puzzled as mine was the Rocking chair but they had got the wrong house but I was able to solve a problem for them.  Our car was parked near the entrance gates to the shop and he could not get the van out.  Fortunately after contacting other half the key was in the house and so was able to let them do their deliveries.  They only deliver on a Wednesday.  The Rocking chair has since arrived and I am very pleased with it.  In the interim whilst dealing with the movement of our car, the electric went.  We pay by card so that we can keep tabs on our electric and gas use and make sure that we have plenty on to make sure that if the weather goes cold we can keep warm.  I am still putting money on although we are not strictly using all of the electric gas so as to build some up for the winter months when because of my medical conditions the house is kept warm otherwise I seize up.

Right had better get back to what I was up to earlier on i.e. back to the hedge.

Catch you later on.




  1. I'm glad you have your chair and look forward to seeing a photo of it. Will you be rubbing it down and painting it? I hope you get the hedge finished today.

    1. Hi BB will pop up a post later. I am not going to paint it but give it a good clean and a little touch up where necessary. I am very pleased with it. it is in better condition than I first thought. OH will not be! Not sure as I can hide this very easily. The usual is oh have had it ages sweetheart! Naughty but sometimes you have to be. Catch you later. Pattypanxx


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