Thursday, 19 July 2018

Today - A mixed bag

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag as to what I have done and as to what has happened.  I received another delivery of plants this morning and for a little while I was potting up again until I ran  out of plant pots.  Not usually a problem here.  In any event I was to meet up with a friend for lunch and so I tootled into town.  I had been after some living leaf salad from Waitrose for the past 10 days and each time I have been in they were out of stock.  Today of course when I was in a hurry to meet my friend it was there of course.  So I swiped it whilst I could and then hurried on to meet with my friend.

I have set my own seed this year already but that had gone to seed and so I needed a new set really quickly and so I cheated.  What I do is buy 4 to 6 trays of the lettuce 1.10 per tray and then transplant into a planter. That way you get value for money, nice lovely crisp lettuce when you want it with hardly any waste.

After meeting my friend I went onto the market and to Wilkos.  There were some nice plants on the market stall but I had gone into town for a purpose and so will have to go back and have another look another day.

In Wilkos I bought a load of plant pots of differing sizes (still think I need some more though), some canes which I have been after for a while for my trailing plants, a load more seed of differing descriptions, a plaque for the garden, five green enamelled buckets/pails for larger plants reduced from £10 to £6.  Don't know whether they have anymore but I took what was on the shelf.  I have been after these for a while., a feed bottle to put on my hosepipe, some feed, some more seed trays.

Once I got home, I set too and planted up some more plants and got them into the growing cages.

I then remembered that I had bought some fruit from the veg shop and so nipped over to collect them. I have peaches for peach chutney, apricots for apricot jam, Fiorelli pears for bottling in syrup, some new French beans for freezing.  I bought 1kg, two trays of eggs for pickled eggs so that should make some useful additions to the pantry shelf.  It is also creating an awful lot of work for mois on top of everything else but it will be worth all the effort in the longer run.

I then got a message from OH who informed me that he was trying to get tomorrow off so that he could go fishing.  Bit of a panic as he hadn't given me his clothes for washing so I had just collected them to shove in when I got a call to confirm that he had tomorrow off.  Fortunately I got everything he wanted sorting out in time.  So off now to do a bit more pottering.  The night is young as they say.

Catch you soon.



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