Friday, 27 July 2018

Well what a busy day

Was up as normal at 6:00am in readiness for the day and whilst it is cooler.  Got OH sorted out with pack up etc (he is keeping my step-son company on a diet) and they are eating a lot of salad at the moment!  

Went downstairs and found a disaster in the little room.  OH put a new toilet in but it needs concreting down.  Somehow or the other it had fallen over and was pouring water everywhere.  PP then wrangling the toilet and getting it stable and stopping the water spewing out everywhere.  Texted OH to let him know of position.  I then went and sat down for a minute and whoa and behold 11:05am and I am late for my hair appointment.  Oohps!  Got up in a bit of a two and eight had my hair done and whilst under the drier I fell asleep.  Bit of a slow start to the day.  I missed meeting friends as well unfortunately due to the fact that the hair appointment took longer than anticipated. 

Has anyone got the impression that I just could not do right for doing wrong today!

Came back from hairdressers and went into town as needed more trays and pots.  Came back with same, including some more flower pails.  Bringing back what I had and then going back into town to finish off.  Coming back with a multicooker which was on offer, and nipping to M & S to get a chicken for tea.  Coming back home and nipping to get a few other things for tea from my Co-Op.

Watering up garden and making sure that all the new plants are doing well.  More to do tomorrow.

Cooking chicken a nice herby one with stuffing and lots of salad bits and bobs.  Went down very nicely.

Scrubbing little room out so that OH can sort out the plumbing.  Putting on tumble drier to finish off partially dried item and fault developing.  Stripping down tumbler and getting that sorted.  Do not have a line at the moment in the garden due to the work going on there.  Hopefully that will be one of the things that is rectified this weekend amongst other things.

Now just have to sort a shelf or two out in the fridge before eventually getting myself to bed.

And on that note I am off up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire.

Hope things go better tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



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  1. Phewee! What a hectic day. I hope today is more peaceful for you, PP.x


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