Thursday, 2 August 2018

New Nets and Blinds

Yesterday, I went to Dunhelm and spent a fortune more than I had anticipated.  The windows in this house are all odd sizes and deep so you end up paying more on the yardage.  I like pretty old style nets and the ones I have this time have roses all over them. This amount just on net curtain and two new blinds, plus a repair kit for an existing blind (I bought two of these) and some new net wires (I don't like the rods).  For the kitchen and the dining room I forked out for two sets of net curtains as these are the most used rooms at the moment.  The idea is that when one is in the wash the other is up at the window. So privacy will be retained at all costs especially from the nosey neighbour who from his garden can see right into our dining room.

There are also new blinds for both the kitchen and the dining room.  I have venetian blinds for the dining room again and for the kitchen I have a lime green blind which should cheer things up a little.  I am going for green in the kitchen and a creamy goldy yellow/Country Diary Poppy vintage wallpaper for the dining room.  Cheerful colours.  Blue and white for the bathroom.  The bathroom does not need nets as it is a patterned glass and I have venetian blinds in there in any event.

I have also put net up at the back bedroom window and the Study/Computer room.

I just need OH to put up the new blinds.  His list of jobs is getting forever longer!

The front nets were really expensive and are still doing sterling work so they do not need replacing yet.

So that's another thing off the to do list.

Catch you soon.



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