Monday, 24 September 2018

A bit of a down day today

OH is on holiday until Thursday night and plans on going fishing for a couple of days.  I thought he was off fishing today whilst I was off with my friend for lunch but he had changed his mind.  So I believe he is now going tomorrow. My friend had given me a load of old magazines and I am currently working my way through the pile.  So as I say a bit of a down day (i.e. in that I have not done very much).

We then went to the local tip after OH had picked me up from town and got rid of another pile of rubbish.  Then came back and sorted something out for this evening's tea.  I have managed to get the cat in early this evening and am going to try and keep this up as he rarely comes to me and never to OH.  However last night he did come in of his own accord tempted by a packet of kitty biscuits.   Otherwise I have to wrestle him. He used to come in reasonably easily but all the light nights and good weather have put paid to that.  back to basics with him I think.

It has been really cold the past few nights and I am glad I have got the quilt back on plus the patchwork on top of it as it has been a bit bone-chilling.  I still have not put the heating on but it will not be long.  According to one of OH's colleagues we are due some snow come November!  We will wait and see.  In the meantime I am stocking up on bits and bobs where I can.

We walked Missy a little earlier than usual and took her toy with her.  She is absolutely besotted with it and loves it to bits.  She has just about demolished the ball though so will have to get some replacements.

So a relatively low key quiet day today for a change but it will be back to the grind tomorrow.

Off to read some magazines.

Catch you soon.



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