Thursday, 20 September 2018

A Christmas skirt for your tree to match the White Poinsettia Stocking

I am very smitten with the white poinsettia Christmas tree stocking as highlighted in my post of yesterday.  I have been looking for fabric in the right width to do both the stocking and also a Christmas tree skirt.  I like to match things where I can, but I have also been thinking Christmas presents, not necessarily for this year but probably for the start of next.  I have a step-daughter and daughter-in-law so maybe if I get my act together early enough next year this will be something that I can make for them both.  I liked the simplicity of the white poinsettia, reminding me of virgin snow, but there is no reason why you could not do the more traditional red poinsettia with green foliage and also add some additional beadwork.

It got me thinking in any event and as I am an advocate of Pinterest as a living thinking ideas and how to do stuff board for me, I often post bits and bobs up on there even if I do not have the physical time to actually do the item there and then.  I had not realised it but I had actually saved a tree skirt pattern from a lady called Gail who has a blog called "Purple Hues and me" and she got her idea from the same Christmas stocking I mentioned in my post yesterday.  She has prepared a lovely tutorial on how to make this and the link is here White Poinsettia Tree Skirt Tutorial.  I am going to need 60 inch wide felt or fleece to make this, but I also want felt for a stocking or two as well.  I have looked on ebay for this - the 60 inch wide felt is a lot dearer but I have managed to source some and I will see what the quality is like when it arrives.  At least I have it in place to play with at my leisure.

I love home made decorations as they in turn become family heirlooms (well they do in my household).  OH even has a book that he was bought as a child in the 1950s which comes out each year as well.  After the Christmas presents have gone the underneath of the tree always looks rather bare and so I put a tableaux of various items under the tree.  Mostly children orientated.  I have two hobby horses, a drum (which originally contained biscuits in) some musical automaton figurines, a jack in the box, sort of old style focus but the items are not necessarily old.  The other reason I do this is to try and keep the cats away from the Christmas tree.  Not sure whether it totally works but do try and keep the cats away in any event but the tableaux adds a little more interest.  I am sure it is the inner child in me screaming to be let out to play every so often.  I also have four Christmas trees at the last count (the last one is my mum's and I don't want to part with that although whilst being an older tree it is still in good condition and its the one my parents had up for years so there are memories there as well).  I do not have space here to put them all up but one day I will and then everything will be in its place

 Right now that the felt is ordered I need to locate my pearlized beads and threads.  I think I have also seen a wreath decorated in a similar style.  Now where did I see that.

Catch you soon.



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