Thursday, 27 September 2018

Late on Parade

It has been a very active social day today meeting up with a friend and going to another friends and then going off for a long lunch. Have come back this afternoon and OH has arrived home.  He has had fun and games with a certain little Jack Russell his partner in crime.  He fished overnight and left his rods out and has caught a fish before he has been able to get to the rod Missy has launched herself after the fish and landed in the lake at 3:00am!  The night when we had the frost!. He has managed to haul her in, deal with the fish and then get her all dried down and warm before retiring the rods.  Apparently later that same day he had a repeat performance from her.  As she has been out in the fresh air and in deep water as well for the past two days she has done nothing but sleep since coming in.

After walking Missy later on we ended up going to our favourite chippy for fish and chips and mushy peas for tea.  It went down very nicely.  I am not quite sure where the evening has gone since but it has gone very quickly.

Now time to tread the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire as have another busy day tomorrow.  Hopefully will catch you sometime tomorrow.  Have an early start tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



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