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Recipe Index to Year 2009

Well here is the first rough draft of the Tarragon & Thyme Index for 2009.  I have listed them with the more current dates right at the top trailing right down to the later dates for the simple reason that is the way the blog has them laid out.  This is just really for the recipes more than anything else and some of the posts have recipes within them as sub-sections.

I hope it helps.  Now to go on to 2010!

December 10 2009
Butter Shortbread

Macaroon Mincemeat Tarts

December 7 2009
Feasting Cheesecake

Take One Pork Hock

Simple Brawn

Faggots or as I know them Savoury Ducks
November 27 2009
Spiced Vinegar for Pickles

Pickled Beetroot
November 26 2009
November 25 2009
Ecclefechan Tart/Cakes

Cinnamon Sugared Nuts

Fruit Compotes
November 15 2009
Mint Syrup Part 1
November 12 2009
Dulche De Leche
November 10 2009
Christmas Cream Liqueur

Cinnamon Ice Cream
November 9 2009
Chocolate Refrigerator Cake

Ginger Ice Cream

Spicy Pear Compote

Apple Pop

Update on Crab Apple Jelly

Ginger Cordial

Parsnip Apple and Ginger Chutney

Christmas Chutney

Pectin Stock
November 1 2009
Pickled Red Cabbage

Ginger Beer Plant
October 31 2009
Sweet Garlic and Onion Chutney
October 30 2009
Hot Caemembert -French Style
October 28 2009
Peaches: Five Spice Peaches

Wine making
September 26 2009
Crab Apples: Crab Apple Jelly Recipe

Peach and Ginger Chutney

Greengage Jam
September 24 2009

Pattypan’s Leek Relish/Confit - Fridge
September 23 2009
Plum jam
September 20 2009
Home Made Pasta sauce for the freezer

Home Made Lemoncello
September 17 2009
Orange Wine
September 1 2009
Planning for Christmas

Gooseberry Vodka

Orange and Clove Pomanders
August 27 2009
Home made Vermouth
August 26 2009
Home made Lemencello
August 25 2009
Hedgerow Gin
August 18 2009
Blackberry Brandy

August 17 2009
Home made Yogurt 1

Dried Apricot Cordial
August 14 2009
Date Slices
August 12 2009
Sorbets made with Syrups and Cordials
August 3 2009
How to clean pottery/china mugs or cups
July 25 2009
Take a Packet of Puff Pastry:

Sausage, sage and apple plait
July 23 2009

Redcurrant Jelly

Redcurrant Gin

Herring Roe on Toast

Tarragon Vinegar
July 22 2009
Lavender Pot Pourri

Cheese Pickle and Biscuits

Take a Pack of Puff Pastry:

Bacon and Cheese Puffs

Welsh Rarebit or Posh Cheese on Toast

What makes your Pantry special Dried Items – Part 2

Dried Vegetables:


Dried Mushrooms

Dried Mushroom powder

Take a Packet of Puff Pastry:

Mieulles Feuilles

Home and Hearth: Logs to Burn

Pattypan’s Rock Cakes

Easy Lemon Mousse

Grapefruit and Melon Refresher

Freezer Preserving: Cherry Tomatoes
July 5 2009
Pattypan’s Flapjacks
June 22 2009
Rosewater and Witch Hazel Toner
June 21 2009
Pot Pourri Drying Petals
June 21 2009
Gooseberry fool (My Day 2009.06.21)

Mint Recipes 2:

New potatoes and mint

Mint Raita

Mint Sprig Ice Cubes

Chopped Mint Cubes

Sugar Frosted Mint Leaves

White Chocolate and Mint Mousse

Pot Pourri
June 20 2009
Hot Oyster Mushroom Salad Dressing
June 15 2009
What makes your Pantry special: Dried Items Part 1
May 22 2009
Elderflower Champagne

Hawthorn Blossom Liqueur

Hawthorn Blossom Wine


Elderflower Vinegar

Elderflower Wine

Elderflower Cordial

Yorkshire Pudding

Home Made Pork Dripping

Ice Cream Float
May 18 2009
Tasty Dip

Fruit and Herbal Teas

Lemon and Ginger
May 17 2009
Lemon Barley Water

Cheats Sweet Mousse
May 15 2009
My Mum’s sweet scones

Home made Mayonnaise
May 14 2009
Home made old fashioned lemonade

Home made Chinese Five Spice Powder

Dried Apricot Ice Cream


Preserved Mint Sauce

Mint Vinegar

Moroccan Mint Tea

Chocolate Mint Mousse
April 2009

Gooseberry Fool

Home Made Bread 1- Bread Machine

Recipe for three sized loaves
April 15 2009
Melting Moments

Cinnamon Toast

Rhubarb and Ginger Jam
April 14 2009
Lime Curd
March 25 2009
Burnt Onions for Gravy
February 24
Pancake Recipe
February 6 2009
French Onion Soup in a Pressure Cooker
January 27 2009
Hawaain Chicken
January 26 2009
Apple and Ginger Crumble

Lemon Pudding

Waste Not Want Not how to use up bread:

Drying bread

Bread crumbs

Bread Sauce

Refresh bread

Fried Bread



Stale Ciabetta

Puddings:  Cinnamon toast
January 12 2009
Home made essences:


Flavoured sugars:

Cinnamon sugar



Rosemary Sugar

Elderflower Sugar

Sweet Bay Sugar

Lemon Balm Sugar

Sweet Geranium Sugar

Vanilla Sugar
January 11 2009
Lemon Curd

Catch you all soon.




  1. Thank you for doing this, much appreciated.
    Pam in Texas.x

    1. You are welcome Pam. Hope it helps now on to 2010! However that may be later in the week as I am busy bottoming out the front room at the moment. Take care and thank you for following Tricia xx

  2. Replies
    1. You are very welcome Hart. Hope it helps. It is certainly going to help me. Need to do 2010 however that may be later in the week. Take care and thank you for following. Tricia xx


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