Monday, 17 June 2019

Something that happened yesterday AND Manic Monday

YESTERDAY I had a frightening experience.  Many years ago I was attacked bny a dog at my uncle's home which ended up going for me and biting me quite badly on my arm and on my legs.  It punctured an artery in my wrist.  We were 10 miles away from Lincoln hospital.  Yesterday I thought I was going to be bitten again.

On my way back from the shop yesterday  I noticed a dog go into ne of the entrances to the row of houses that I live in.  I could not see which house he had entered but on turning down into my passageway I noted that he was in next door's front garden. whilst opening the gate the dog entered into our private passageway and then proceeded to bark at me and move forward as if going to attack me.  I screamed for OH who did not appear and fortunately the dog in the meanwhile had cleared off.  I was that shaken up by the experience.  This particular dog always barks at me and I know from instinct that it is not a safe one to be around.  Under normal circumstances I would have gone and knocked on the door to let the neighbour know that her dog was out  However as it had come for me I could not be bothered.  Th neighbours are a right dozy pair and I think what had happened is that the dog had got out because the gate was not closed properly.  It is a very overweight Bull Mastiff.  I love dogs but this one has really unnerved me.

Otherwise it has been a full on day with my training course.  We have been on Excel again today and it has been a bit complicated.  The little grey cells were put into overdrive again.  I walk into town and it is a good mile and-a-half walk to the venue.  Last week OH collected me but this week I have to walk home as he is on lates. So extra walking and I am very cream crackered.

I had also forgotten that there was a committee meeting this evening so went out without tea.  A good meeting and a lot sorted.  I have also had a Chinese meal since coming home which was fab.  Now to get ready for tomorrow.

Hope you all have had a good day.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan xx

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  1. Have you considered carrying pepper spray, you can get little ones that hang from your purse. I got a small cannister which hangs on my dog leash for when I walk my small dog. Just in case.


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