Saturday, 13 July 2019

I have been waiting very patiently

for my seeds to come through and today I have gone to water them with a water spray and most of the seeds are up.  I think I am a little late with sowing seeds but I wanted something in the garden to grow especially as I want a potager style garden.

I have sown cucumbers, melon, nasturtiums, courgettes, pumpkin (2 different varieties) sunflowers, pattypan squash, purple long beans, Scarlet Emperor, marrows.  This is just the first batch of seeds to be sown.  I think I sowed them four days ago so a very quick return.  

The little seedlings and the bigger monsters have come through very well and appear to be hungry.  Nature is a wonderful thing.  A wonderful return for a few minutes time and nurturing.

The purple podded long beans.

Melons.  I have never done these before so this really is an experiment.

Courgettes and cucumbers.


Scarlet Emperor

Will see how things go with these and when they are up a bit more will move on to sow some more seeds for the potager beds.  Hopefully I will be able to do a few more of those later on.

Right back to the kitchen.  I am in the house today out of practical need rather than being in the garden.   However I need to be in the garden tomorrow.

Catch you soon.



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  1. Well done - seeds always want to grow. With your Tomatoes, probably a little late in the season to grow from seed, so good luck. I don't bother sewing from seed but go to the car boot sales and buy a few well-grown young plants - come the end of May everyone is almost giving them away! Did the same with Courgettes this year too.


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