Monday, 16 September 2019

Prepping the next project

As I indicated the other day I had a few moments spare and so I started prepping the next crochet project to be accomplished after the grey, turquoise and white blanket has been completed.  So far I have completed 48 of the initial centres for the squares and there are a few more to go yet.  Just using time economically and doing a bit here and there as I can.  

I am using a 3.50mm hook and double knitting wool and this will be a blanket for my bed when it is completed, worked in individual squares. The initial centre has been worked in a soft pink. The surrounding rows will be worked in cream and then different pinks, and then different soft greens.  Intervening rows between the colours will always be worked in cream. This will be a pick up and put down project and one that can be worked here and there so that I always have something on the go but that is easily achievable and worked a bit at a time.  I wanted/had a need for a nice cosy blanket for  my bed.  I feel the cold quite badly.  This last fortnight things have chilled down quite a bit and I have been cold and have been in lightweight jumpers as a result. Crochet blankets as well as giving warmth also are very individual and make your home look originally different to everyone else.  So although I do not think this will be ready for this winter it will be ready for next and another one will be on the way after that.

I have an oblong basket into which I have placed this current project with the centres worked and then the wool and hook.  I had the pink wool and so decided to work all the centres first and then will buy a couple of balls of wool here and there but work all the squares in that one colour.  I may have to add more wool here and there but I thought this would be easier for me as I do not have room for storing more wool and will be more easily affordable a few balls of wool here and there.  It is just a basic granny square pattern.

The only reason that this blanket has been started is because I had time available on a couple of different occasions (a minimal amount) and I have used the time to keep things flowing.  I will end up finishing the turquoise, grey and white throw shortly but it is joining up squares and working extra rows and as I have said I had run out of wool.  Hopefully that will be sorted shortly.

Elsewhere around the house there are a couple of other throws that were started but which I cannot currently get to so as and when they appear they will also be put in the pile to complete.  I want to have a nice stash of good, cosy, warm blankets for my home.  Even the animals have their own blankies.  Working the blankets keeps me occupied and helps me relax.  I like to try and maximise what time I have as much as I can.  Once all worked I am hoping to store them in my pine blanket chest.  The same as with patchwork quilts when I get there.

Catch you soon.



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