Monday, 15 June 2009


I love beads and beadwork of any sort. I have been fascinated since I was a small child. My mother was left a handmade keepsake by her maternal great aunt, aunt Sue who eventually retired to extended family at a farm at Bicker near Spalding, just up the road from where my mum now lives. Great Aunt Sue was a Tailoress according to the Census and she was forever making things and made my mother a dolly bag covered in thousands of seed beads that had all been handsewn in an intricate pattern. I used to get very frustrated as a child not being allowed to play with it, but this is a true heirloom something that is passed from one generation to the other and is greatly treasured. My interest in beads stems from there.

I have been attending beadworking classes which have been held every so often locally and I have had a go at making several necklaces, although I am slow and I am still a novice each piece seems to get that bit easier. I intend to really have a session and really play once I have a few minutes. I have a bead loom upstairs which I intend to have a go at in the not too distant future.

I just love beautiful unique and distinctive things.

Here are a few of the things I have had a go at so far

I have also done some Christmas tree baubles as well but they are packed up with the rest of the Christmas Decorations.

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