Monday, 18 May 2009

Natural Beauty Products

I was bought a lovely present for my birthday by my good friend Roza who has introduced me to Mad About Nature handmade soaps and beauty products all made out of natural products; a journey which initially began as a result of her daughter and other members of her family suffering from eczema. I suffer quite badly from psoriasis periodically; I have had it since I was a child and it comes and goes sometimes it is quite bad another time not so. I am really pleased with the products that Roza has bought me they are so gentle and smell so lovely. I was bought a citrus orange natural soap bar a warming spicy citrus Bath and Body Essence one that can be used as a body oil on the skin or a few drops of oil put in your bath water and a bath of Relaxing Bath Milk which contains oats, dead sea salts, soap, goats milk and natural lemon/orange oils.

They have a website which is and their prices seem quite reasonable for such luxury items

Please see photos below of the items that I was bought they are so gentle on my skin. I really love these products.

And there are recipes around to have a go at doing simple things yourself. And notably if you look at her website she offers training workshops.


  1. I have a similar product of oat and goats milk that I love but is too expensive to replace (it was a gift). But the lemon and orange oils sound wonderful. Enjoy! Oh, and I looove your blue plate in the previous blog. You definitely have an eye for least things I like :)

  2. Hi Elizabeth

    Its nice when you find things that you like - I like your recent finds on your blog - I get the impression if we ever meet that we will encourage and inspire the other! Have you thought about having a go at making some silk shades yourself - its not complicated just sometimes a little fiddly getting the pins in the right place for actual sewing! The Blue Cake Stand was one my grandmother gave to my Mum when she got married. We don't know where it came from but I like things that have memories with. I also like doing up jaded pieces and re-using them again. I have in the past located a local charity shop and the ladies there seemed to think I had a good eye for matching and comining things - I just love good quality nice pretty things. Any way will have to go catch up soon.

    Take care

    Tricia (aka Pattypan)


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