Thursday, 25 March 2010

2010.03.25 My Day

Its been a long day today; I have had quite a bad headache for most of the day and felt lethargic and stiff to what I was yesterday. It started reasonably bright but it soon started raining and it has been on and off all day.I hated rain as a child I hate it more as an adult as when it is wet and damp the bones and my joints ache quite badly and moving becomes difficult, But never mind, we need the rain to grow the crops to feed us all. Where would we be without water - in a right old mess. And I will be alright once the rain has gone.

I have been trying not to have the heating on as much since the weather has been warmer, but tonight I have succumbed. It has been pelting down with rain most of the evening and I got cold. Missy has been curled up on my lap fast asleep for most of the evening, quite content, curled up tight. I have been watching a lovely programme about a couple building a new house in the country using lots of reclaimed items from abroad and this country and by the end of the programme not completely finished but something very special in the making. Sort of put a new perspective on things really. By giving lots of things that just needed a little renovation a second life. The results were pretty spectacular and stunning. Its surprising what can be done with a little vision.

Its nice to see the resurgence of interest in crafts and cookery etc and people going back to basics. Not a bad thing in the grand scheme of things, especially when things are a tad tough. Its not necessarily the winning of a situation that is the important bit but how you acquit yourself and deal with things in general. Those are the important lessons, the ones that stay with you and form part of your own personal template for dealing with life. Only learned through real life and experience.

My Nan every year used to make a clippie rug that was made out of old knitted jumpers or cotton rags and which formed a thick chunky rug pulled through old potato sacks (hessian ones) or cotton flour bags. I watched her from a small child to a grown adult make one year in year out I have the makings of one on the go at the moment but I am using old denim jeans to make a thick durable cotton rug or rugs for the dining room and kitchen. Hopefully I will be able to start the rug itself this weekend - I have loads of strips already cut and really want to start playing and creating this functional rug of an evening when I get home from work. It will be something born out of nothing really I love home made things; its a way of giving your home individuality and often these simple home made items have far more charm and appeal than mass produced items. I really have so much I want to get done but settling down to it at the moment I am finding a tad challenging, but we will get there.

We have had egg and bacon for tea tonight a scratch meal but it went down extremely well. I was starving.

Well will have to get on, Missy has climbed up on my lap, where the computer is currently resident and is trying to edge it out so she can sit there. There is no peace for the wicked so will have to come back to you all another day. She shows her frustration through deep meaningful sighs!

Keep well until then.

Pattypan (aka Tricia)


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  1. Hiya Tricia-

    Did you receive an email from me re: mags?

    I have been wanting to look into making what we called in the US a 'rag' rug, my mother used to buy them from someone who came to the house selling all sorts of things.....they were braided and an oval shape.

    Your post just reminded me and I've put it on my list to-do this coming week. I'm sure it's fairly simple, if you know how, lol.

    All the best~


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