Monday, 8 March 2010

Home Made Rice Pudding/Milk Puddings

Home made rice pudding always brings back happy memories of when I was a child. The ladies in my family have always cooked and we have always been well fed. Now home rice pudding is to me much better than that out of a tin - out of the tin you don't get any brown bits and it is nothing like proper rice pudding.

I enjoyed my pudding yesterday and thought I would share the recipe I used with you.

The basic recipe is a Mrs Beeton's recipe and can be utilised for making Sago/Tapioca/Pudding Rice/flaked tapioca and flaked rice pudding.


4oz of grain of your choice
2 pint of milk
2-3 oz of sugar
1/2 oz butter
Grated nutmeg

Grease a deep pie dish with butter. Yesterday I used a pyrex 2 pint pudding basin Wash your chosen grain in cold water if necessary (i.e. rice) and put into your dish with the milk. Leave to stand for about half an hour for the grain to absorb some of the milk. (I then add 1/4 pint of double cream) Add the sugar and flake the butter on top then grate your nutmeg. Bake in a slow oven 310 degrees F Gas Mark 2 until the pudding browns on top and has a thick creamy consistency. Cooking time approximately 2 1/2 hours



  1. When my sister and I were young and Mum made rice pudding we would fight over who was going to get the brown "skin" on top.
    Mum (at 92 years) still cooks her rice pudding and we now share the brown bits.

  2. Rice pudding was the first thing my mum taught me to make, it was my dad's favourite but both he and I disliked the skin, so my mum, who loved it, always got it all to herself.

  3. As a child I could never see the fascination with the skin I didn't even like skin on custard. Now as an adult I like both!


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