Friday, 30 September 2011

WellI think he is making himself at home

Dimitri seems to be settling in well even coming to the whistle now like Squeak does  - he is learning the ropes and is coming in at night - he no longer is stopping out and seems to be content to snuggle in his blanket, be warm get constant fuss (he is getting this human well trained) and he likes his water fresh and running and when he is thirsty gets up on the bathroom sink and wows at you until you run the tap.  He then drinks his fill and once his thirst is quenched he settles down for some serious snoozing.  Think these photos show that he is getting comfortable.

It looks as though Squeak has taught him well.

Catch you all tomorrow

Sleep tight



  1. Now just have to get him used to Missy!

    He is a good boy and has to have his fuss already!



  2. He looks a really lovely cat, hope he's able to stay with you.

  3. Hi Rowan

    I hope so too he is a lovely cat very gentle just wants the fuss. He is slowly getting his feet under the table.

    Take care




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