Sunday, 6 May 2012

Catch up on Saturday a day for shopping of all kindss

Yesterday was a busy day - my step-daughjters birthday  - we went round to see her she was out and about (fortunately we have caught up with her today).

Yesterday started with a  a visit into Peterborough.

I had a lovely mooch around Lakeland and spotted several items that I would not mind in due course. It always gets expensive when I go in there but it is a favourite shop.  I was particularly looking at the cake decorating equipment and decorations they have really expanded their range considerably just recently and I like to see what is available even if I don't buy anything at that precise moment.

I was also trying to find something nice for my stepdaughter's birthday  which I eventually found something that is totally quirky just like her.  I was also on the  look out for something to buy with some of my birthday money and I eventually located some books I was after Phrophecy by S J Parris, Realm by James Jackson and to Defy a King by Elizabeth Chadwick who is a favourite author of mine so I have some lovely chill time reading to look forward to.  I also found a new foraging book (please see separate post on the Thrifty Forager) and the other Homemade Gifts Vintage Style by Sarah Moore which has some lovely recycling/upcycling ideas in it and one I am, going to have a good mosey through.

I also picked up some flower plunger cutters which are spring loaded cutters in the shape of flower petals and also rose leaves with all the veining for cake decorating but they can also be used on salt dough marzipan etc.

I then headed up to the market; we have a plant store that is quite reasonable, and is a stall I use year in year out.  I bought 12 strawberry plants for £5 from there and am going to plant them up in some garden planters I have.

I then came home; and that is when the food shopping commenced.

I started at the Asian food shop/paper shop and bought 2 x 6 pint bottles of milk (£1.99 a bottle) that is our basic milk for the week [sometimes I use more it depends on whether I have been cooking a lot] four bags of sugar and a bag of dessicated coconut.

I then went to the veg shop and came back with two trays of eggs (I have some baking to do) a cauliflower, cabbage, 1kg tomatoes 1 kg of cherry tomatoes £1 a basket, a basket of mixed peppers and a aubergine (£1 for the basket) some courgettes (the plan is to make ratatouille which we love) some fresh asparagus (English) some french beans, and some celery. [I have plenty of onions and potatoes in and some carrotts].

I then went to the Co-Op and bought some Spinach, mixed salad leaves, some new potatoes in mixed herbs at £1 a tray and when I went round the first time, I bought a lamb shoulder reduced from £9 to £5 and a piece of loin pork from £8 to £4.99 so I was well chuffed as that is Sunday meals covered for a couple of weeks. So approximately £17 worth of meat for £9.99. now that is a saving worth having. We had already arranged for roast pork for dinner either on Sunday or Monday.  So I really was quite chuffed with this state of affairs.  I was very fortunate to have some money on me so that I could take advantage that made alll the difference.

I had to go back to the Co-Op a little later on and I happened upon the young lady reducing items in the chillers again.  The shop has only recently been upgraded to new fridges new freezers and a different chiller lay out to what they had before and they are stocking more items in the range.  The therefore have more items that are being reduced. 2 trays of new potatoes in mixed herbs should have been £1 a tray but reduced to 80 pence per tray.  I managed to pick up four trays of chicken thighs for £1.05 a tray (should have been £3 a tray or two trays for £5) so that was a good saving too and two trays of minced beef £3.50 a tray or two trays for £6 yet again for £1.05 per tray  and two trays of two chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon for £1.22 a tray should have been £3.50 a tray = £7 but £2.54 for two trays x 4 breasts). Needless to say all these goodies are in the freezer - the last two items we had for tea served with french beans, new potatoes, carrot crush and broccoli served with gravy and it went down extremely well.

So I am well satisifed with the bargains found yesterday, the money it saved me and the fact that I have topped the freezer up with much needed new supplies. Another reason for this is that OH starts his new job this Tuesday and we will not have any funds to hand until he receives a pay packet and I get paid again so things are going to be a notch tighter or so until we get into the swing of things and if you have food in the house it is one less thing to worry about because at least we are going to eat.

Catch up soon I am still playing catchup from earlier in the week. and slightly out of synch.




  1. Hi:
    Sounds like you picked up some great bargins for your freezer.
    Our Canadian aspargus is just starting to show up in the supermarkets, no farmers markets yet, too early for anything else here. Sunny and warm here today, however, clouds moving in for rain tomorrow. That's OK though doing some spring cleaning for my elderly Mum.

  2. Nice bargains there Tricia! Nothing quite like the feeling of full cupboards or freezer! :)

  3. You're always very good at finding the bargains!

    Well done - sounds like you had a good day!

    Kay :)


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