Monday, 14 January 2013

Some photographs of today

I woke to snow this morning  -there was certainly plenty in our back garden, but by the time I left for work a lot of the initial first snow had melted well in the street at least although the dustbins had a 3 inch top hat.  I left a good 10 minutes earlier to go to work and the going was slippery and rough; a couple of times I nearly ended up skiing on my bum and ended up getting into work at my normal time.  However the roads had been well salted and were clear, the underpass was clear but the connecting pavements had not seen any salt at all.  It has snowed most of the day and even when I went out at lunch in the middle of a snowstorm I jokingly said to the girls to send out the St Bernard with its barrel of brandy if I did not return.  It snowed most of the afternoon and has been dreadfully cold and freezing.  |It is going to be difficult and slippy tomorrow as it is bitter out there at the moment.  I left bread out for the birds this morning I shall do the same again in the morning.   Fortunately I was given a lift home tonight by my friend.

By the time I got in Demetri had managed to escape again and the house was cold as he can escape but cannot fasten windows back up  I think an electrical tie is going round the latch to stop him getting out and making the house cold.  He can go out the back door like the others.  He did not take long to come in though.  I was supposed to have been out tonight to a meeting but because of the snow it has been put on hold pending better weather.

Here are some photographs of my walk to work this morning.  One thing about the snow is that it does make the trees look fantastic with their sugar icing coating.

At lunch the snow storm when I walked into town via the underpass I think you can just about make out the snow falling
We have had a lot more snow since then and it had topped up everywhere.  More snow is forecast overnight so we will have to see what tomorrow brings.

Keep safe, keep warm wherever you may be and don't forget to feed the birds

Take care




  1. Looks very pretty!

    We just had lots of rain overnight again!

    Be careful walking to work.

    K&S :)

  2. I do envy your wintery scenes, we've not had but a few flurries here on the coast :( Maybe I'll be surprised in the morning!


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