Monday, 23 November 2015

Getting Ready for Christmas - Part 15 - Felt Decorations

I like traditional ornaments ones that scream Christmas and ginger bread men; and felt ornaments play a part in that.

John Lewis's in Peterborough have some lovely decorations at the moment  - at a price.  I had particularly liked a felt garland that spoke to me but I was a bit flabbergasted or was that my gasted was flabbered at the price.

This little garland is made up of double sided felt hearts with a bit of embroidery on.  It looks super and Christmassy, but it needs to be gold plated for the price John Lewis want to charge £25.  This kind of prices it out of the pocket of a lot of people I know its ridiculous.

I think I am going to raid my felt box and see what I can come up with.  I will pop up a post with my creations a little later on.  I think £25 can be saved and common sense  will prevail on this occasion. 

I think the photo speaks for itself.

What do you think.

Catch you later




  1. even if you had to buy in the felt at a few pound it would be cheaper, there will always be those who wouldnt want to make it and be prepared to pay that price

  2. Ah Dawn you always get that whatever. For me though the true spirit of Christmas is in the doing. Taking part making something to share with your loved ones your family and friends, Being creative in the truest sense. Making tomorrow's heirlooms leaving a slight imprint that you have passed this way and making beautiful things for your home. Anything that is done or made with pure intent always shines through a thousand fold. Every single person has something to bring to the table. My mum knitted the Snowman last year all the parts are knitted I just have to sew it up and stuff it and add the trimmings one of the last things she made but I know she enjoyed knitting it - she has left an imprint one to pass on in due course to the future.

    Take care




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