Saturday, 7 November 2015

Rain Rain Go Away

I am starting to feel as though I am a trainee duck totally quackers and paddling around in lots of puddles of water. Clothes that are dripping (from just tootling around to the charity shop and leaving a big bag of clothes that are now far too big for me.  Still some more to go but I will sort those another day.

It has rained all day long; I am not keen on the rain but it is kind of a housebound day when it gets like it is at present, windy and wet and all you want to do is curl up in front of a blazing fire, and read and just be peaceful.  Not going to happen here as no fire - but on days like this I do so yearn for one.  They are a lot of work but in my mind totally worth it as they not only warm the body but soothes and comforts the soul also.   I know I will have the fire I yearn for one day.  I think that will come with the house of my dreams though not where we are at present which is rented.

Its quite sad really but yesterday I was on the Homebase site eyeing up the fires and wondering whether to approach the Landlord or not as I think a log burner would keep this house really toasty.  Not that the heating is not warm but sometimes you need more.  However I think at this stage I will do some more research and then decide whether or not it is viable.  If it was my own home it would have been done and dusted as a basic priority because despite having central heating what if there was intermittent supply problems - I remember the miners strike and the power cuts there.  So you would need something to warm your home and what better than a multifuel burner to keep you and  yours warm and a big range cooker as well.  If everything goes wrong you need something to keep you warm and to cook on.

My grandparents always advocated that you were indeed rich if you had the following and that anything else was a bonus:

  • A roof over your head
  • Heat/warmth
  • Food in your belly
  • A patch of land where you could grow your own and maybe keep a few chickens and/or a pig.
  • And my addition a very big pantry to keep everything in.
Cottage smallholder mentality maybe but a very practical way of ensuring that your family were catered for, and that the basics were met.

On a practical note I did manage to get out to the shop  (Coop) and they have an offer on with Heinz soups 5 tins for £3.  4 tins of Tuna £3, dried fruit 3 bags for the price of two.  I had bought some new dried fruit the other day 3 bags for the price of two.  So cherries and mixed peel as well as a bag of each of sultanas, raisins and currants and three bags of ground almonds.  I use a lot of ground almonds as we are fond of almond slices and Bakewell tart.  I took what was on the shelf but if they have anymore tomorrow I will get a few more bags.

I now have to persuade the pantry that it has room for a little more.

We have had quite a nice tea this evening just a korma mix cooked with chicken and then a large naan bread which went down quite nicely.

I do apologise about the lack of photographs will try and remedy as soon as I can.

Catch you soon.




  1. I am with you on the log burner it would be a lovely addition to the house, yesterday we were having intermittent power interuptions, they dont concern us as heating hot water and cooking is all from logs, the other considerations are the cost of electricty gas and oil, prices are just continuing to rise, even with solar panels here in the UK we don not have enough good daylight hours this time of year to supply free electricity

  2. Hi Dawn

    My Grandparents always had the Rayburn, and two open fires. Later on they put a Log Burner in the Dining Room and still kept the open fire in the front room. We used to collect kindling from walks and take it back as well as fir cones and any bits of fallen tree that were put into the garage to dry (My Nan's Garage was used for everything apart from storing the car).

    My brother has solar panels on his house and he is very chuffed as his electric costs him hardly anything and he is able to sell on any excess so I think I would also go for this as well. It would be lovely to have my own home so that I really could get things as I would like. There is a dream something to aim for but I am practicing with bits and bobs in the meantime. One day.

    Hope you are keeping well.




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