Saturday, 7 November 2015

Saturday Round Up

It has been a busy day but a much better and positive one. and I am starting to feel a little more like me.  A proper autumn afternoon and at long last it has stopped raining thank goodness.

After scrubbing the kitchen out -  (including a couple of days off because I have not been well) it was then the turn of the bathroom (which being a terrace is on the end of our kitchen) that is now more or less all scrubbed out too. 

I just have to re-arrange some cupboards in the kitchen to get a few more things  put away, including trying to place my dehydrator where my rotisserie is so that I can use it more effectively.  Tape measure job and OHs help required on this one.  Once that is looked at  then that is both the kitchen and the bathroom finished and deep cleaned.  Deep sigh.  Good job done with.

OH has cleaned the ceiling fittings in both the loo and the bathroom and also the kitchen strip light so that is all good.

I have a couple of jobs for him to do in the bathroom.  I have a shaving mirror on a collapsible wall stand that needs fitting, a small bookshelf in the shape of a boat (I have a sea/shell theme going in the bathroom.  The old washing machine (does not work) is still in the bathroom and we need to get that out but there is limited space and I am not that good when it comes to lifting heavy items but one way or another it is on its way.

I also have a couple of projects to do in relation to a swing mirror I have in the bathroom.  I had originally bought it to paint in white chalk paint but OH got his mits on it and thought he would surprise me and do it for me.  I had intended to paint in the chalk paint then wax it, and then add the decoration with lots of natural sea shells glued on and then varnished.  So it looks as though I will be having a go at this shortly of an evening, but I need paint stripper on it first.  

But no peace for the wicked.  Next room The dining room.  Not as bad this time round as the last time but still needs a good going over and tends to be more of  work room akin to a large kitchen than a dining room but it gets a lot of traffic so another deep clean is in order.

Later on I have to weigh out my ingredients for my Dundee Cake and for making tomorrow.  I also have some plum and apple jam to make.

Tomorrow is going to be a difficult  and bitty day.  Missy our Jack Russell is due to be taken to have her cataract operation at Newmarket and she has never been away from us before. I don't know who is going to be more upset us or her.  However it needs sorting as she is still only a young dog and a very loyal and loving dog.  I have her duck all sewn up and one of her blankets to take so that she can still "smell us".  The operation should have happened a month ago but we had to cancel it twice for differing reasons.   Keep your fingers crossed for her.  The house will seem very empty without her. Bless her cottons.

Am off to play.

Catch you soon.




  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for Missy. Have enjoyed reading your last few posts regarding Christmas they inspire me to get started on my own preparations love fluffy x

  2. Hi Fluffy and thank you. Glad you have enjoyed the posts. I really enjoy the Christmas season and am quite enthusiastic. I am known at work for it as I encourage our younger ladies as well. Glad to hear I have given you a bump start as the more you do now the more time you will actually have to enjoy the festivities. Hope you are keeping well. Take care. Pattypan



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