Saturday, 14 November 2015

Saturday Roundup and Further Memories

Its been wet, miserable a proper autumn day  here today and we have had a very busy day I have spent it in the company of my brother and my sister in law and we have been doing further sorting at mum's.  We still have a way to go but we are getting on top of it.  I am enjoying spending time with them and there are still lots of memories coming to the surface.

We have been reminiscing this afternoon whilst sorting out the Christmas decorations between us. A lot of mum's decorations were from the 50s and 60s and they were stored in an old wooden tea type chest in the loft.  That chest was bought out year after year and often mum would put up the decorations a couple of days before Christmas usually in the afternoon about 3:00pm.  Every single item was treated as treasure and with such reverence that it was made even the more magical to us.  The fire was always merrily burning away and it used to be a precious time with mum just on our own as often Dad would be at work.  We always used to be so excited by the time that Dad came in and often he would play the piano and we would sing Christmas carols as well.  My parents may not have had much by way of money but we always had so much more by way of love and spending time with us both and we always knew that we were part of a much bigger family and had strong bonds with everyone..

Apparently mum had an accident with the tree not last year but the year before and she managed to break quite a few of her original baubles which we had not appreciated; apparently she was rather upset by this. But we have split the decorations that were left between us so that everything is fair and square.  We had even found paper garland decorations that had not been used for years since we were about 9 years of age (me) about 6 1/2 (Dave).  So we have had some of those as well. There were very few left to what we remembered but at least we have those. We decided to do the Christmas decorations today so that we could both have some of them at home for this Christmas to carry on the celebrations and to incorporate them into our homes and to remember the past with an eye to the future and to weave it into the rich fabric of our lives.  We are both very blessed to have had parents who wanted us and who loved us dearly and who gave us the time, love and encouragement to enable us to both grow into well-rounded adults.

My father was an avid cameraman from when I was knee high to a gnat.  He taught me the basics of photography and I used to develop photos under his guidance when younger.  He then predominantly went on to cine film and later the DVD camera and he used to make films together with soundtracks and commentary.  We have found the cine film and that is with my brother at the moment as we are looking into whether we could restore the films or get them transferred over onto DVD.  We do not know about the soundtrack, but it would be good to have the movies back if at all possible.  We are hoping as my nephews and my partner have never seen them.  Film night used to be a regular event when we were growing up.  That cine film has rare images of both my brother and I as we were growing up and it would be good for my nephews to see us as we were.  Then they might realise just how odd ball aunty Tricia and their dad are.

My eldest nephew is also into photography and it is good to see the family hobbies coming out down the generations.  Music is also another very important skill and both boys play/played the flute.  Following on in a long line of  family members who played musical instruments.

The feel of the house had changed again today.  We could not feel mum there or smell her perfume and things are moving along as if under her direction and control.  We still miss them both and occasionally the tears still come in the quiet moments but they are gone they are not forgotten and we have to carry on moving forward.  Life is for living but whilst they are still in our hearts they never will be totally gone.  Its just that we cannot throw our arms around them and give them a hug.

Right must get a wriggle on.  Catch you later.




  1. Lovely post, memories are so precious.xx

  2. Thank you Maria. My grandfather and father were born storytellers. They passed on between them many memories and family folk lore. I am writing it down bit by bit here on the blog so that when they are ready my nephews will have something to look back over. Its important to know where you come from where you are and where you are going. I hope you have had a lovely day today and made some lovely memories for yourself. Take care Pattypan x


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