Thursday, 26 January 2017

Coldness calls for a hot dinner

I was in two minds as to what to do for tea this evening.  I knew I craved a hot simple meal but Oh has been a bit difficult of late as to what he actually wants to eat.  He came home from work and was absolutely perished.  So that settled it despite him not wanting me to go to too much trouble. I quickly went to the shop and nabbed some sausages and came back and set too.  Oh does not feel the cold so for him to say that he was is highly unusual.  I take it as a precursor a warning sign that if he is not careful he will be poorly.  So comfort food to the rescue.

We have subsequently had individual toad in the holes with mashed potatoes mixed veg csrrots broccoli cauliflower and peas with an onion shallot and thyme gravy.  I did individual toads utilising some older victoria sandwich pans that i had.  I put a little pork dripping in each pan with some slices of onion and then once frying added three sausages each and left them to cook a little then added the batter mix wuth dried thyme mixed herbs and some chives to the batter mix with a splash of home made Tarragon vinegar and then left in a hot oven for 30 to 40 mins to cook and rise.  Once cooked I serve each toad on a plate and then add the veggies. It went down very well and Oh has now warmed up so I am hoping to have avoided him being poorly.  Needless to say he snaffled the lot.  Sometimes your body just craves comfort food and with it being cold -2 at 6pm I am just trying to keep us both warm and fed. Tomorrow I shall make some pea and ham hock soup to have before our main meal and give s but more fuel for our internal central heating systems to process.  Food that is tasty and yet does you good.  I shall add the remnants of the gravy from today to give it a little more flavour.  I hate wasting stuff at the best of times.  For me when I cook its just not about good food but the flavours you release during the cooking so why waste any left overs from good meals when you can turn it into a hot delicious soup.  Its false economy not to do so.

Right am feel very stuffed off to tidy up.  Keep yourselves warm and well fed as it helps to keep you warm especially when ut is what I call brrgh weather.

Catch you soon.

Pattypan x


  1. Mince and dough balls with carrots and Brussels for us tonight, just what the Dr ordered.

    1. Sounds good to me Anne as long as it was tasty and kept you warm. Take it steady sweetheart Tricia xx


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