Friday, 5 January 2018

Home Made Butter

I always had dreams of owning a proper butter churner but in reality I never did find one where the paddles would be clean enough to use so when Kilner bought out their new hand operated butter churner I bought one and I am so very glad I did because it enables me to make home made butter for the freezer from reduced double cream.  If you have never made this before there is a lovely tutorial on You Tube on the link below.

I managed to procure 12 small pots of double cream the other day and so taking advantage of this little windfall means that I can pop some home made butter up in the freezer for use with home made crumpets, muffins (sweet ones), in baking or with steak or even flavoured butters.  A job scheduled for later on.

I have the butter hands as well in order to shape the butter with.

Catch you later once it is done.


This is just thick cream.  It turned like this after about 10 minutes of turning.  However this is not what you are after.

This is the cream starting to turn into butter.  It changes colour from pale cream to pale primrose yellow.  It is a lot darker in colour than the cream.  It also "lumps" as essentially you are separating the fats from the water.

Butter solids prior to washing in really cold water and ice. 

Drain off any whey which will be the creamy coloured liquid left over in the butter churner and pop it into a pot and leave it in the fridge.  You can use this to make buttermilk pancakes, scones, soda bread, muffins.  So do not waste it.

After being washed the butter fats.  You have to wash until the butter runs clear.  I always compress the butter together in a ball and then start using the Scotch Hands (the butter paddles).

The butter fats shaped into a ball by hand.

After shaping with the Scotch Hands. There are two 8oz pats of butter produced from 4 small pots of butter.  Mine is unsalted butter which will keep well in the freezer but will not keep in the fridge.  You can also add a little salt to it if you want to as this will help keep it a little longer. Butter used to be sold from neighbouring farms and to indicate that the butter  was from a particular farm the butter used to bear a "producers mark".  I have added a "P" for Pattypan.  However you can add your own patter or when it is nice and chilled again pop it in a wooden butter press to create fancy little butter pats to serve with your Saturday night tea.



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  1. Today I told myself, time to turn that leftover pot of cream into butter. Only it wouldn't. I used to make it no problem with the Kenwood, but I have a different model mixer now and it doesn't seem to go close enough to the edge of the bowl and so throws all the cream to the edge, out of reach . . . Ah well, I tried anyway. I always wanted one of the old glass butter churns, but as you say, the wooden paddles are often worm eaten or very dirty-looking and hygienic they ain't! Enjoy your Lakeland one.


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