Thursday, 25 January 2018

The Weekend officially starts tomorrow night

and it will be thank God its Friday syndrome!  Have had an extremely busy week at work but an enjoyable one nonetheless.  I would rather be busy than bored.  I have been absolutely shattered when I got in from work this week and I have not read at all this week and there will be no reading over the weekend as I need to achieve some things  - need to stop prevaricating and get on with them.

As usual have a load of things to do.  Think it might be a later night tomorrow night as I really must get stuck in on some projects and then also a reasonably early start on Saturday morning.  If the weather is okay then I want to go into the shed and sort it out a little bit and also the tidier part of the back garden all nicely sorted.  I also want to do some path cleaning and also tidy the front garden out.  With all those winds the other day we ended up with everyone's rubbish in there as usual.  The rubbish has been put in the bin but for some unknown reason we have ended up with more in there. There will also be  trip to the tip in there somewhere. 

I thought that if I got up early on Saturday then I would be able to get on a bit and this week have a bit of a lie in on Sunday then do a bit of baking. (we will be having late Sunday dinner this Sunday maybe a small piece of beef). The kitchen is not quite as tidy as it should be and I want to cook so that means that it needs stripping out before I even start - over Christmas things got put out of place and I cannot find them so it really needs doing before I start.  There is nothing nicer than working in a clean kitchen.  No doubt the Supervisors all five of them will have to come and see what I am up to I may have to shut them out of the way as they just cannot resist helping mum and that's when the trouble starts and things start going bump! (little darlings).

Saturday night I intend to do a couple of gallons of wine. Might only be a couple of the kits will see how I get on.  I might also start the Seville Orange Marmalade off, well the first batch in any event and also make some of the curds up.  There is also the Vin D'Orange to make from Rose, White and Red wines for next Christmas. Yummy.

At some point I have a lot of bottling to do; more vinegars.  I have some lovely little bottles into which to decant them into. I also want to transfer what is left of the Rumptopf into jars so that it can be kept safely out of the way on the pantry shelf. I do not want any of that getting broken and making a heck of a  mess so it is better out of the way. The crocks can then be cleaned and made ready for this year's Rumptopf. The bottling technically can wait until I have more time as it is not spoiling I just want it all organised and sorted so that I can get on with some new bits and bobs.  I have mixed herb, thyme, more Raspberry and Blackberry vinegar to bottle up.

I also have a very large ironing pile to tackle but I may do that a bit at a time when I come home from work during the week.  If I set OH to do tea during the week I might stand a chance of getting it out of the way with.  Must also go Freezer Shopping on Saturday night. There are some goodies in there that need liberating.  The freezers need emptying to make room for new seasons goodies but it is going to take me a while to strip them down hence me starting now.  Will start with the newest freezer first as I can always keep it topped up with baking and pies, pasties etc.

So things to do over the weekend in no particular order:

  • Make first batch of Seville Marmalade
  • Lemon Curd
  • Grapefruit Curd
  • Orange Curd
  • Cumquat and Orange Marmalade
  • Vin D'Orange from White, Red and Rose wine
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Sort the shed
  • tidy the first part of the back garden
  • path cleaning with the pressure washer
  • tidy front garden deal with paths again
  • Greengrocers
  • trip to the tip
  • baking
  • winemaking
  • fill the bird feeders
  • washing
  • hand washing woollen jumpers (don't put em in the washer)
  • immediate ironing

I think that will be more than enough to do and in all honesty I am unlikely if the weather is bad in particular to achieve everything but as long as I get quite a bit of it done I will be satisfied. It's the big physical jobs that take the time like sorting the shed and the garden although saying that if the weather is okay and I get at least a couple of hours run then I should be able to achieve quite a bit. That side of things is dependent on the weather.  If it is not fine enough then I will just do something else in the house..

So in reality I have the bare bones of what I would like to achieve over the weekend.  Now to try and ensure that it happens!  Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.

Catch you soon.




  1. Just started reading your blog. Very enjoyable and motivating! Good luck with your chores. I do some canning and would love a good Rumptoph recipe. Also when you make your curds do you just refrigerate them or do you pressure can?

    1. Thank you Theresa and welcome. Glad you are enjoying. There are a couple of posts on the Rumptopf recipe but if you need more details I will sort out a more detailed one for you. With regard to the curds - I do not pop them in the fridge unless I have a bottle open. I normally store in a cool place on the pantry shelf or somewhere cold as it keeps them longer. I have in the past water bottled the bottles for about 10 minutes after coming up to the boil and then switching off. This kept the curd a lot longer. Traditionally in England we would not use this process just put it straight onto the cold or pantry shelf. Curds done like this are not really long keepers although they do last longer than many of the recipes suggest. I know in the States everything is water bathed or pressure canned as per the rules for the States. The same for cordials - however I also water bath these so that I get more shelf life out of the product. The only real time I put curd into the fridge is when I have a half used jar as it is exposed to the air then. Otherwise I would have fridges just for preserves! I think all houses should come with a cave or Cold Pantry so that us preservers have the ideal storage area. Hope this helps. Take care. Pattypan x


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