Monday, 1 January 2018

Things to try and achieve for the New Year

So here we are the first morning in a New Year  - a new page to fill and also a Supermoon due.  There is something special about the moon and this one is the Wolf Moon.

This year there are things I would like to achieve in the long run, not necessarily New Year Resolutions but things that I would really like to achieve to start me on a new journey and get me sorted once and for all.  Whether I achieve them or not I like to have some kind of pointers as to where I am heading for in the long term. Some kind of sign post if you like.  Even if you do not quite make things as you had envisage at least you are a little way further along the path than you were.  So for me everything that happens is all part and parcel of a bigger picture, inter-connected and very relevant.

One of my over-riding needs is to have a home of my own - I have everything to go into it but still not the bricks/stone or mortar or the land.  I will need some divine intervention with this.  The negative me says that it probably never will happen but the oh so positive side of me says one day.  Never No, but one day. It does no defeat faith hope or dreams and is less negative. I am also going to sort out a little bit of cosmic ordering and let it go to the ether and see what happens.

In the interim  however I still have to keep chugging along and practicing the skills I am blessed with in the meantime.  Once the cosmic starter button goes off everything moves along at great speed.  I have seen it happen before for other people hardly giving them time to draw breath.  So perhaps indirectly this is an opportunity for me getting myself sorted along the way never mind the setbacks, disappointments etc.  they are all practice for a much larger thing that teach you coping strategies and sort things out for yourself.

However I know my biggest problem is that I do not have my own home.  A base somewhere to feel secure from and something to build on.  So this year I am going to make more of a concerted effort at doing something at least to go somewhere towards this. Whether that be do more courses, learn the things I need to lear, be more conscious of budgeting and try and save it does not matter at the end of the day I am not afraid of hard work.  I am not defeatist or fatalistic but I do believe that everything has to be lined up for things to push through and if the moment is not quite right then things will not happen.  Things happen as a result of cosmic intervention when the timing is right and not just because we are jumping up and down wanting it.  I also believe that if you are totally negative about things then like attracts life and you will invite further negativity into your life.  

In the interim and my every day reality, despite me wishing for the "Dream House" life goes on and we have to do what we can do to get by.  I class myself as very lucky as each day when I wake up I have a roof over my head (ok rented but its a roof) heat and food to keep us going and I also have a job that keeps everything going.  It would be nice not to be reliant on that and being self-sufficient with no worries but that is a little way off.  This year I am going to have to buckle down a bit and tame my free spirit and try and get things done and out of the way with.  I am forever being enticed and diverted elsewhere.  However that results in things not getting finished and then me feeling blooming awful because that was not achieved which then has a knock on effect on my self-esteem.  So I need to be more disciplined than I already am and better prepared at planning things.  Give myself realistic time limits within which to achieve things.

So this year is a new page for me to scrawl all over.   New things to experience and have a go at.  It will not be easy at times and at others down right difficult.  However I am open to the challenge.  I have realised that there are certain comforts that I need especially when I take the view that there we are very responsible for our own survival and what we can do as individuals to make our lives easier is well worth the effort an investment in my future paying it forward.

One of my aims this year is to try and save a bit of money to put towards Christmas this year 2018 and also towards all the preserving that I do.  To be able to go buy in bulk seasonal fruits such as Strawberries, cherries, etc. and to put up lots of food for the winter months.  I also want to experiment much more on the Charcuterie preserved meat and fish front too.  I don't just want to have a go at these things I want to be able to incorporate them into my lifestyle.  So I do not have a smallholding but there are skills that I can still practice which are very relevant to being self reliant as much as I can.

So we have a new page, a new challenge and 11 months to get prepared for Christmas this year.  I therefore need to get myself into gear and make sure that those 11 months count.

Catch you soon.




  1. Hi patty, happy new year, I always enjoy reading your posts on your thoughts and dreams. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who puts things out there for the universe to help with. I do hope you one day get your own home. I have no real resolutions this year, other than try to relax more and worry less. I am going to try and get back into sewing I think as I recently got out my nana's sewing box and did it up a bit. It inspired me to stsrt again thinking of her using it all those years ago. Loving your posts as usual. All the best to you and SO xx

    1. Hi Fluffy, glad your Nan's machine is talking to you. Needlework is very soothing when you have things on your mind and takes you to another place where you can think things through clearly and also produce something in the process.My Great Aunt's needlework/sewing box fell to bits and OH has had to do a repair job on it over Christmas but the outside needs tidying up and so I may well send it to be restored. She was a maiden aunt who I thought an awful lot of. the box is about 90 years old. At least the legs are back on it! Now to get the exterior sorted. I also have a little vintage hand machine that is really old which is from the same period. One of my aunts found it for me when I first needed a machine. Just take it steady and I hope you get back into the swing of things soon. Pattypanxx

  2. Love this post - I will follow you on every step and be there with you when you need a pair of listening ears. For me, you are the goddess of preserving, so I look to you for the many skills you already have - to think you're expanding on those is amazing!! I don't know how you do it x

    1. Thank you Tracy for your kind words. I am not sure about the Goddess bit though! Sometimes I have too much on and at others if I need to relax I just stop and do whatever it is I want to try at that particular time. I am consistent though and something else always ends up giving way for me to play. However all work and no play .... I also like finding my way around different things xxx


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