Monday, 14 January 2019

Busy day

I have started work in the front room.  Very slowly I am inching my way in there.  I had moved a couple of things out of the dining room on the stairs including a container with some flour.  Someone trod on them (I am not saying who) but we have had a cloud explosion.  Which really caused a lot of work (fortunately as I plan to redecorate the hallway there is no carpet on the stairs at the moment as that needs replacing).  Motto here don't move stuff somewhere where you will think it is safe when OH is around!!  My lips never uttered a mutter!

It is slow old work at the moment but as long as I get there then that is all that matters.  The bulb has gone in the front room so I need OH to put a new one in so that I can carry on this evening sorting out stuff and getting like with like.  There is a lot of craft stuff wrapped up with other stuff in there.

Foodwise, we have done well today.  We had an antipasti lunch with some preserved meats, some strong cheddar, some home made bread and shallots.  Lip-smacking, crunchy, sweet and sour.  Completely delish.  This evening we have had the prawn ring together with some home made bread and butter and also pudding mandarin oranges with cream.  Lightweight tea but neither of us fancied very much after dinner and last night's tea.  Tinned cream was had with the mandarins but still went down very nicely.  

Once the front room is sorted it will be the pantry.   I have popped a few more things in there today  but really need sorting.  But at least it is out of the way from where I am working.

I have some more blog maintenance to do a little later on but nothing that will show straight away.  Just another tranche of typing trying to organise stuff a bit better so everyone can find everything.  I also need to do more yearly indexes.  2010 is next on the agenda although it is probably going to be later on in the week before I put the first draft up on the blog.  Its all a work in progress (WIP) anyway and is there to be amended/updated as I go along.  That is all part of the process.

OH and I may venture into the garden later on in the week to try and sort out the rubbish there, (even if we do not get rid of it straight away) so that when we next go to the tip it can be taken and the garden can be tidied.  

I am keen to get an early start in the garden this year but need to get rid of the rubbish.  I am also hoping he will venture into the greenhouse so that I can reclaim that as well to get my seeds started.  Fingers crossed and toes plaited.  That really would be a result.  As I have said before I want to grow more veggies this year and I want a potager style garden with both flowers and veggies.  I think we all really need to have a little garden to help eake out the weekly budget.  Things like salad stuff etc.  Which reminds me  I need to go to Wilkinson's to see what they have in there at the moment.  Need some seed potatoes of some description and probably some shallots as well and garlic.

Despite this morning not starting off on a positive note a very real difference of opinion  took place.  It has not been too bad a day and indeed I have found a little money that I had completely forgotten about.  Thank you very much spirit it is very much appreciated at the moment.  That was my blessing for today.

In the greater scheme of things I believe we often have a hand in creating our own luck.  Things have been a little difficult here lately but something like that really does restore utmost faith.  Even though I am a very positive person even when things are dire, sometimes you begin to ask really!  

I am extremely lucky compared to a lot, but we are only ever one move or two from not being so lucky.  Then it is a matter of trying to work yourself out of things and making sure that they do not happen again.  

Fortunately the migraine has nearly gone. Not so headachey today but several times I have had to sit down as I ran out of steam and needed to give myself a little restoration time.  

In the clearing up process I  have found several wine kits, beer and cider kits and I look forward to getting those on the go once the house is a bit tidier.  I shall probably have a major session in getting it all underway then - it is on the list of to do's for January in any event.

Right I need a man and a couple of light bulbs to light my way in the front room. Better go and nab him before he goes awol.  

Catch you soon.



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