Sunday, 13 January 2019

Sunday afternoon

Cold grey day again.  One where you need to be tucked up in front of a cozy fire and get all nice and snug and warm as a bug in a rug.  I wish I had that fire or log burner.  One day.

I have started some long overdue maintenance on my blog.  I spent a couple of hours this morning trying to sort out 2009 a little bit.  I am hoping to produce an index for the recipes as I have found that a lot of the items from way back are not coming up in the search.  So anything to try and make it a little easier for everyone.  It has been intriguing going back and reading some of the stuff I put on initially.  Hopefully the list will not take me too long to write and then maybe if and when you are looking for something you will be able to locate it and I will too.

I have had to stop for a little while as I am a bit headachey (the after effects of the migraine).  Even though the worst of it has gone it still hangs a little usually getting better day by day.

Things going on in the kitchen at the moment.  There is a bread loaf in the panny.  I will also make some buns later on.

There is roast duck cooking away with a chicken and also there will be a cauliflower cheese, roasties and parsnips, peas, mashed potato and carrots and a cherry sauce. So that will do nicely.  

We were not up in time as early as I had envisaged but tea is still going to be a lot earlier than we usually get it.  Will get back into the swing of things as I go along.  No baking today but I might bung something in tomorrow.

Right off to potter.  Catch you later on.




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    1. Thanks Linda it was a lot tastier than I thought it was going to be. Might try a plum sauce with it next time a sharper one rather than sweet. Veggies were tasty too. Hope you are keeping well. Tricia xx


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