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Flavoured Sugars

Flavoured Sugars

Cinnamon Sugar

1lb caster sugar
4 cinnamon sticks

Put the sugar into a preserving jar and push in the sticks of cinnamon into the jar, seal tightly.

Leave for about a month then check for strength. For concentrated flavour mix caster sugar and cinnamon allowing one teaspoon of the ground spice to 2 ozs of sugar. Stir together evenly then store in a screw topped jar. Use the sugar wherein you would use dried fruit and gingerbreads and to make that autumn warmer cinnamon toast (just a sprinkling) onto hot buttered toast.

Lemon/Orange/Lime Sugar

Yes you can do it with lavender flowers as well and rosemary and lemon and orange rinds - however with lemon I put granulated or caster sugar on baking parchment on a swiss roll tray and sprinkle the sugar out all over the parchment. I then get a couple of lemons/limes/oranges and drizzle the juice all over the sugar and then put in a low oven to dry out gently making sure it doesn't go brown - would perhaps be easier to do this in my dehydrator now I come to think of it. When it is dry you have to break it all up to store it into a jar but it has the most delicious flavour.

Lavender Sugar

The recipe says "Delicious used in any milk or creamy pudding. Carrots are particularly good when glazed in lavender sugar and butter just before serving. It also adds flavour to old fashioned cakes and puddings made from carrots. Try sprinking it on cakes and biscuits after cooking.

2 to 3 sprigs lavender
1lb caster sugar

Wash and dry the lavender. Put in a screw topped jar and fill with sugar. Shake well and leave for 24 hours. Shake again and leave for a further 7 days before using.

Variations on a theme:-

Rosemary Sugar: Use 2 to 3 sprigs of rosemary instead of lavender and use to flavour custards, syllabubs fruit creams and any delicately flavoured ice cream such as gooseberry or tea.

Elderflower Sugar: Use 1 or 2 dried heads of elder blossom instead of lavender. It is excellent used to sweeten any gooseberry dish as elderflower has a natural affinity with gooseberry.

Sweet Bay Sugar. Use 2 or 3 fresh bay leaves instead of lavender. This sugar is delicious in custards and milk puddings.

Lemon Balm Sugar. Use 2 or 3 sprigs of lemon balm. Bruise leaves and make as for Lavender Sugar. This is good used in fruit jellies custards and fruit pies.

Sweet Geranium Sugar. Substitute 2 or 3 sweet geranium leaves for lavender. Bruise leaves and proceed as before. Use in creamy puddings and fruit pies.

Vanilla Sugar

1 fresh vanilla pod
1llb caster sugar

Put Vanilla pod in an airtight jar and fill up with caster sugar. cover tightly shake and leave for 7 days. Shake again and leave for 2-3 weeks if possible before you start to use it.

Top up with unflavoured sugar when necessary to replenish.

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