Saturday, 28 March 2009

Grow Your Own Drugs

I have been watching this excellent series on BBC2 at 8.30 p.m. a Monday night and I have been inspired to say the least. Practical know how on things that are all around us, that are not going to cost the earth and we know that all the ingredients are natural and that there are no additions in there. I have always been fascinated as to what to do with various plants and materials - my grandfather was very interested in herbs and honey, and I think I soaked a lot in by being around him.

Honey is a natural antibiotic in itself and can be used on wounds and cuts or ulcers and it works by getting rid of any nasties and often if used leaves a nice minimal but clean scar. People often don't think to use it - its usually in the kitchen cupboard - well it is ever present in my pantry as I use it for lots of things.

Granddad kept his own bees, as did my Uncle and my Dad - I have been on a beekeeping course but as yet have nowhere to keep bees. Where I live I have twitchy neighbours who complains about anything and everything that's why I haven't as yet got my bees or my chickens.

If you haven't seen it yet just type in Type your own drugs and it should give you options i.e. However if you want a supplier of some of the items used please go to there is also a link to the bbc site and also to the recipes on both.

I think this is a very timely programme in view of the credit crunch and the problems with fuel and at least it gives us some useful ideas as to how to cope with everyday problems in a lovely practical way.

If you are really interested in what to do with herbs and leafs and things then this is also a lovely site.

Or if you have a local health food shop check it out. Where I live in Peterborough down the Westgate Arcade is a health food shop that has been there for years. It is like an Aladdins cave of very useful bits and bobs. Chammomile flowers, Carragheen, senna pods, linden leaves, liquorice stick, lavender, hibiscus flowers, marigold flowers.

Simple things that can be used to make teas, tisanes, ointments etc. and help enrich your life a little.

If you haven't seen the programme it is well worth it and in my mind is akin to the Victorian Farm series.


  1. I love the series too and am going to try out some of his ideas once we have settled after our big move. Would love the book, but its a tad expensive, will have to wait till they get it in the library.

  2. The books on my wish list too Anne I think there is an offer on at Smiths at the moment will check it out when am back into work and will let you know thought it was under a tenner.

    The move will give you that integral part of your life back including your beloved sewing room and a bigger kitchen in which to experiment.

    Take care xx


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