The UFO Journal - Project One Cream Roll necked lightweight jumper Part One

 Well I have started on a UFO which is basically a jumper for me.  It is being worked in some wool that my Mum bought which is very like an artificial mohair.  I also found the pattern in my stash.  So win-win situation as far as costs are concerned and I am using what I have available to me and clearing some space long-term i.e. reducing the amount of project bags.  In fairness I had not even worked a quarter of the rib on this before side-lining it. I found it in the bedroom the other day and so decided to get on with working this in the background.  Sometimes using large tranches of time and at others little bits here and there.  However am pleased with how it is progressing.  It is not perfect, and hopefully will make a lightweight jumper for me to wear with jeans or a skirt.


Taken from a magazine many years ago.  I believe it was the Women's Weekly.  I have tended to chop out recipes for a folder or two and crafting patterns over the years so I always have somewhere to look for new projects.  I use the internet in the same way as well.


Well from the partial rib I have managed to knit up to the armhole shaping after focusing for about 10 hours of knitting.  I am not the fastest of knitters  It appears to be a simple knit - I have never worked this before and despite the fineness of the yarn and the bubbly bits in it I like how it is knitting up. It sort of gives an ethereal lacy look once worked up because of the use of a larger needle  First time for me of using such a fine yarn and if I can source something similar in the future would certainly use it again.  The brand I am using I think came from a knitting stall that Mum used to go to on the market in Peterborough well over 20 years ago.  We no longer have a permanent market site as the Council in their infinite wisdom sold the plot for developing into private buy flats.  They now have a few wooden huts down one of the central streets which leads into the market square which constitutes "the market"!  Not a proper market at all.  Think it may be that we have become a "University" town and they are looking for more accommodation long term for those students.  However since the pandemic there have been a lot of shops come and go including big named brands.  Anyway I digress.

Time taken:

First tranche: 10 hours working rest of the rib and the back of the jumper up to the arm hole shaping.

Was not able to get to the knitting again until Thursday evening.  On this session managed to finish knitting the body of the jumper, the armhole shaping and decreasing and the next part is to finish off and then do the neck shaping.  The back of the garment should then be finished and it will be back to starting off rib again.  Hopefully that should be achieved by Friday evening.

Second tranche: 4 hours

Third Tranche:2hours

There are a lot of other knitting items started and I have a suspicion that there are more in other rooms in the house.  They will surface as I get tidy though.  I do need to get as much of this done as I can.  I still want to get away down to Cornwall but do not know whent that will be.  If it is from September then I will need the "pullies and cardies" in any event so there is a mission to my madness!

One jumper I had started on holiday two years ago.  It is a Rainbow coloured jumper but I seemed to have lost a ball of wool which would put the completion of the jumper in jeopardy.  However I am pleased to say that whilst I was in the back bedroom I found the missing ball.  That will probably be the next project after the two knitted neck shawls which need fringing. A lot more of the jumper has been knitted on this one and hopefully should not take as long to complete.  It will be good to get both of these jumpers out of the way with.  There are more of course.

Thought would post retrospectively to show that other things do go on in the background and are very slowly getting completed and more room made.  I always seem to have something on the go.

Catch you soon.




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