Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas Preparations TV

I think we are being spoilt this season with a plethora of lovely programmes. We have had the latest offerings from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, Delia's new Clssic Christmas one off special, Kirsty Allsopp's Christmas which started this evening and I believe is on for three programmes this week. We have the Victorian Christmas Farm starting on the 11 December Jamie Oliver's Christmas all next week. We are being spolt and I am loving it. It looks as though we are going to be having some decent television at long last. Then of course there are the repeats of old Favourites on the Good Food Channel of Nigella's Christmas, Delia's original Christmas programmes etc.

I was particularly taken with the Kirsty Allsopp's Christmas this evening which showed how to do garlands and wreaths she made it look very easy. I have done the Salt Dough thing before but it was a good way of getting the children involved (however I also incorporated wallpaper paste with an anti-fungal into the mix as it stops the bread dough going mouldy. We had a production line going here at one time as I got my step-daughter involved and I had her making presents for friends and family for next to nothing. She had a ball making them and then painting them afterwards. They were then varnished. I am looking forward to the rest of the programmes from Kirsty and from everyone else. Very inspiring. The creative juices are starting to flow - giving me some ideas for decorating the house.

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