Sunday, 24 January 2010

Things to do this week

There are a few things that I would like to get done this week, although I don't want to over-extend myself at all, so we will start small and if I manage to get these done then at least will have an opportunity to add some more to the list.

  1. Make the Seville Orange Marmalade.
  2. Make Lemon Marmalade.
  3. Make Pumpkin Marmalade
  4. Do the ironing [part done 25.01.10]
  5. Make the crab apple and cranberry jelly (frozen cranberries)
  6. Knit at least another square for the knitted throw/blanket. [started]
  7. Pot up the Amaryllis kit I was bought for Christmas.
  8. Pot up the Paper Whites kit that I was bought for Christmas.
  9. Start off a fresh ginger beer kit. [done 25.01.10]
  10. Cut some more strips for my denim clippie rug.
  11. Pheasant Casserole for tomorrow night (was still frozen tonight) Did this last night before I went to bed - got it on the go. Added, home dried mushrooms, leeks, carrots, peas, the remains of the gravy from Sunday lunch, mixed herbs, teaspoon of marmite, thyme, parsnip, marigold vegetable powder, Hugh Fearnely Whittingstalls Souper Mix 2 teaspoons, white pepper, two oxos, water to mix stock. Pop everything into the slow cooker, brown pheasant in butter in frying pan to give a better colour - I did mine on low overnight in the slow cooker, really doesn't need as long -next time will put in about 45 minuters before completion. But it was very tasty. (Eaten with gusto with Mash potatos, peas, broccoli. -It was nice to have a nice hot meal waiting).
  12. Respond to emails
  13. Put ironing away in wardrobes and drawers - currently airing
  14. Do washing up
  15. Make appointment to have my eyes tested [forgot glasses today and couldn't see a thing OH had to come to the rescue] not good when you are at a computer screen most of the day.
  16. Wash cat bedding completed (26.01.10)
  17. Wash dog bedding completed (26.01.10)

Too tired to do very much tonight - its a very cold night here again - the cold gets into my bones and slows me up. Maybe tomorrow will be a better one.

I think that will do for starters.

Wish me luck.


  1. A list full of nice things to do. I must buy Seville oranges and make marmalade too, it's a lovely way to spend a dark January afternoon.

  2. Hope you're feeling better, seems you've had quite a time of it lately :-(

    This past week I started a small 'foodie'to do list on the blog and said that this Friday I'd like to add other to-do's (non food). I think it may help knowing I've posted it for the world to see, lol. Your's is quite extensive, hoping you are taking time to rest up and get better too!

  3. Rowan I love making preserves I enjoy the preparation, the plotting and planning and the stirring and potting up. I also thought that if I broke down into "sensible bite sized lists" when it came to actually achieving things I would not be too daunted. Writing things down helps me remember things and also it is extremely satisfying ticking something else of the list - it makes me feel as though I am accomplishing something, even if only a few things, that helps me feel good about things generally, and in a more positive frame of mind, a kind of knock on effect. It helps keep me amused/occupied as well. If you really want to try a different marmalade recipe Pumpkin Marmalade is lovely. Its a good one for having on toast for breakfast.

    Hope all is well with you Take care



  4. Hi Kadeeae

    I am a lot better than I have been - although the cold is still loitering. I haven't forgotten about emailing you - will deal with this shortly.

    I have been keeping a diary - jotting in things that I do at certain times of year, covering, crafts, recipes, preserving, gardening (although I am a novice one) rather than relying on my memory, getting organised and taking advantage of what comes my way or what is potentially available. Its anything that takes my fancy that goes into the list or lists and I mention them for the same reason you do on your lovely blog so that others can also take advantage and are made aware of what is potentially available to do. By the way I like the article on the Ox-Tail. I can buy this by the kilo off Peterborough Market.

    Catch up with you soon.

    Keep up the good work



  5. No rush on the info- when you've got some time and feel up to it :-)

    I'm beginning to think I need to write everything down, to remember what I've done, want to do, need to do etc etc Also thinking of starting a health journal - even more "keeping track"


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