Sunday, 7 March 2010

2010.03.07 My Day

I have had a very lazy weekend again this weekend have been very tired again, but that is by the by.

I have managed to locate my errant hairdryer so will be able to curl my hair in the morning and keep it rolled under so it looks nice and tidy and smart for work. It doesn't behave very well at the best of times and I do try and look neat if not completely smart.

I have also found the camera and taken photos of the fabric I mentioned in an earlier article from the market for next to nothing £12.50 the lot and there is a lot of fabric. Approximately 3 to 4 yards of fabric per piece. So not at all bad. Will come in very handy.

The first fabric is a very shiny gold fabric with vased/ginger jars patterned into the weave.

The second is another gold emblem fabric which appears to be made up for flower heads and leaves.

The third is Dorma fabric in primula design from the Country Diary collection moygashel design by Richard Webb. Cotton.

The fourth and final fabric Moygashel/Vumura cotton fabric yet again from the Country Diary collection by Richard Webb called Cottage Rose.

I am very chuffed with the fabrics.

This afternoon I have been rootling for some needlepoint kits to pick up and put down whilst I watch the T.V. at night (that being after I get to sit down. I was specifically looking for my Country Diary kits but could not lay my hands on them so have pulled out a couple of kits.

The first is a trammed rose panel from The Stitchery Design reference TC257 Rose - Pink I have already completed 1 of 3. This is number 2. (I have two in pink and one in red).

The other is a DMC Kit Summer Ring. Design reference KC5109.

I have spent part of the afternoon stringing them onto frames as I find that it holds the tension on the canvas far better than working freehand.
I thought even if I only did an hour a day it would help get me motivated and back into the swing of doing things again and I need to relax and chill.

Its been lovely to see the sun again but by gum it has been very cold again today. In my book that calls for rib sticking food that warms you from the inside out. Good old fashioned british food. We have therefore had two day old stew (and dumplings first time I have made not too bad for the first effort) - a day to cook it and then let it go cold; warm it through again and then served up today with creamy mashed potato and curly kale.
In the pot cooking

Dished up ready to eat

Finished off by home made Rice Pudding

Nicely browned on top

It went down very well trouble is I am now severely stuffed and can hardly move.

Take care


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  1. Ugh! That all looks so good, I love dumplings. I always make them with my stews and homemade soup but I have to make them seperately because my husband doesn't like them. HOW can one not like dumplings? I don't understand this man sometimes. He doesn't like cheese either! It's like a staple to me, haha! So, you didn't find any apple green gingham? Nevermind, your fabrics are beautiful! : ) Stay well...


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