Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Spring Stirrings - Thinking of the Garden

I have bought some goodies today for starting to do things for the garden

The first is a set of 5 trays of 20 pots for seedlings £1 set of 5

Two poly tunnel cloches £1 each from the Pound Shop in Peterborough

Some peat pots again £1 for 20 pots

And finally but not last a rhubarb rhizome from Wilkinsons and 2 x 10 sets = 20 sets of Pentland Javelin potoatoes. Thought growing the first earlies would clean up some of the soil in the garden.
I didn't think I did too badly.
This evening I have been sifting through my seed box which had more or less collapsed have decanted into two separate boxes, one for flowers and ornamentals the other for vegetables and fruit herbs. Now just have to get the garden and the growing houses sorted out. I thought that the gardening would help get me out in the fresh air and also hopefully grow some stuff for the freezers and bottling to be put up for the winter months. Wel that's the plan anyway.
I am hoping that the weather will be okay this coming weekend in order that I can start to play .

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