Sunday, 18 July 2010

2010.07.18 My Day

I have had quite a busy day today.  It started off we took Missy Walkies and she met a new friend, another miniature Jack Russell called Daisy.  It was quite funny watching her little legs spin round in overdrive but a lovely little dog all the same.  Her owner was a bit nervous as there are a lot of rabbit holes where we take Missy  (and Daisy's owner takes her) for a good old run around, but being as she was playing nicely with Missy she let her off.  Unfortunately Daisy went down a rabbit hole and didn't come out.  I ended up in the bushes under the brambles as I could hear a little dog wuffing as though she was stuck.  She eventually came out saw me and went back in again but with a little gentle coaxing was able to get her out  and carried her and then returned her to her mum who by this time was extremly upset, but very relieved to see her little friend. I came out of the bushes slightly black.   We left her to go on with our walk which was quite a lengthy one today.

We managed to get some more of the little plums, more had ripened and so have enough now to do some wild plum vodka and some have gone into bottled red fruit salad consisting of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, wild plums, and yellow plums and I have processed 9 bottles of this for the pantry shelf.  Am well chuffed but I do need some more preserving jars and some more sauce bottles so will have to start saving the pennies again.  I think I may have a few more but I cannot get at them easily.  I also have enough plums to do some wild plum jam and a chutney/relish, but would like to get a few more to bottle them, just in a syrup as they are extremely scrummy.

On the way back we located some sour wild cherries.  May get a few of these to put in some vodka as another liqeueur type drink. I also noticed that there are some very tiny cones (not fir ones) that will be ideal for using in Christmas decorations so may well snaffle some of those next weekend.  I also have my eye on some teasels which are in flower at the moment just need for them to dry out somewhat

I also found some wild poppies which have formed seed pods so I shall keep my eye on them and then harvest the pods a little later on for poppy seeds to put on breads etc.

The roast beef was lovely and cooked on the Roasting spit.  It came up very well and was delicious.  I served with new potatoes, fresh garden peas, broccoli, carrots, and finely shredded cabbage and lashings of gravy.

And finally, our little friend - hasn't she grown.  She has been hugging her blanket the past few days she doesn't like the cold.  She is very funny though we put the blanket down for her and she takes it in her mouth and re-arranges it so that she is nice and comfy.  If you do it for her she always rearranges it.

We are well chuffed with her she is very affectionate.

Better get on catch you all soon.

Pattypan (aka Tricia)

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  1. Your bottled fruit salad looks delicious and really pretty too. Lovely photos of Missy, B Baggins does the same with his blankets, he likes to arrange them himself, he usually makes himself a pillow with one bit.


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