Monday, 2 August 2010

Wild Yellow Cherry Plums/Bullace

These are the latest wild plums that we have been harvesting from the hedgerow today.  They are pure yellow plums, the others started yellow and went pink  These are pure yellow with yellow flesh and a flavour reminiscent of apricots.  I think this batch are going to be bottled in syrup in readiness for puddings during the winter months.  Stewed plums and custard or served with vanilla or cinnamon ice cream scrummy.  I am extremely partial to cinnamon and cinnamon ice cream - unfortunately OH isn't partial so I have to make everything without and then add it to my portions where I can. Although with the Cinnamon Ice cream I make a batch just for me. 

If we manage to get some more, some are going to my mum for her freezer, but I would like to get some for some more jam for the colour variation if nothing else as the different colours also play their part. Especially if you make some old fashioned jam tarts.  Could look really good and attractive done as individual tarts or one large one segmented each segment with a different colour.  As they say we eat with our eyes first.


  1. I love picking wild plums...these look yummy...we have some that look similar...but if they were, that colour would mean they aren't ripe yet...Ours go red after yellow......bring on summer so I can pick some more.

  2. Hi there I pick loads of wild cherry plums, here is a site that identify s them easily and how to work out when they are ready. I hope it helps people


    This site shows you how to identify cherry plums and bullace and how to know when to pick them.
    Hope they help and that I only posted one comment not two. If two well sorry


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