Saturday, 26 February 2011

2011.02.26 My Day

I didn't surface very early this morning.  I had another bad night where I just could not get comfortable in bed, and my sleep was disturbed yet again, I would just get comfy and then have to move.  I seem to have to sleep on my back these days and then I get stiff and have to turn again; if I turn on my side it is so sore I have to move more or less straight away; its like permanent toothache in my bones,   Then when I do wake up its just pure stiffness and I have difficulty in putting socks or tights on and moving around generally and there is pain.  And when I walk I sometimes  feel I am falling off my joints, and that my back is going to slip and permanently knock out.

Anyway things have to move on I rose late, but it was a beautiful bright day outside although a tad cold.  Spring is really starting to come in and even spring flowers are available in the shops, Tulips and cheery Daffodils just the sight of them cheers the soul.

We visited  my step-son to take his dried washing back to him.  He is getting on quite well in his new flat and starting to acquire bits and bobs,  Its quite funny to see him getting all houseproud especially after the nightmare of him keeping tidy as he was growing up, but then I secretly guessed that he would go this way and it is nice to see at long last.

Needless to say I paid my regular visit to the Veg shop -  I was a bit late in going and most of the bargains had been taken.  But came back with a new sack of potatoes  (a variety called Picasso which are meant to be a good all rounder  - they certainly pass muster on chips) a cauliflower, cabbage,  1kg sweet potatoes, 1 kg parsnips, 1kg carrots, 1kg pears,1kg bananas, 2kg plums and a tray of eggs.  Not much for this week I had to do the best with the pennies that I had.  I spent £16 on these including the sack of potatoes at £6 so I don't think I did too badly bearing in mind that I didn't have much to start with.  I also have vegetables frozen down in the freezer.  However I do need to get hold of some spinach for freezing down and also making pasta and curly Kale.  Most people turn their noses up at curly Kale as it was traditionally used as fodder for cattle.  However it is extremely delicious and very good for you.

I need to top up on some fish,  and will need to sort this out bit by bit.

As I was short on meat I went and stocked up. For roughly £30 I bought two packs of fine minced beef £5 (one pack for cottage pie the other for lasagne), two shoulder joints of lamb, £3.43 and £4.65 respectively to be roasted (ideal for just the two of us) a large piece of beef £9.90 (tomorrow's dinner) and a Chicken for £4 for another roast dinner - should get about three meals out of this including the stock).  That should last for at least the next few weeks or so.  We don't eat meat with every meal.  However, would like to get some cheaper cuts, beef skirt, (for making pasties;.liver for liver casserole, sausages for various meals including toad in the hole, sausage meat for stuffings, bacon for breakfasts and for use in quiches and some more chicken breasts for home made kievs and some chicken pieces for stir fries, satay and Indian style meals.  We shall have to wait and see how the pennies pan out but I am hopeful I will manage to squirrel away some more goodies in the next few weeks.  After all you have to eat.

I had some carrots left over from last week so rather than waste them I have turned them into coriander and carrot soup and used this recipe :

It is very tasty and I have frozen some of this for use later on in the week.

We had home made chips, eggs and corned beef for tea tonight and it was very tasty.

I intend to make some French Onion Soup and Leek and Potato Soup tomorrow as well.  Its handy to have the soup ready made during the week and just warm through.

 I also intend to make some Soda Bread tomorrow so that we can have this with some of the soup to warm us through tomorrow lunch (we have Sunday dinner in the evening).

I also need to make an ordinary loaf as we are getting low on bread. Might make a couple of loaves instead of one.  

Have a lot to do in the food line tomorrow.

So will play catch up later.

Hope everything is tickety boo with you wherever you may be.




  1. somewhere i have a really yummy carrot and almond soup, i shall look for the recipe to share.
    i love curly kale, its an uncommon vege here. some say it takes to long to cook, but i like it crunchy and think its better than brocolli.

  2. Hoping that you're feeling somewhat better today and that you're able to tackle your list :)

  3. Hi ladies

    Brendie look forward to the recipe sounds interesting.


    A little easier than yesterday, but have found if I sit down in between each thing I do just for 5 minutes or so it helps - although I end up doing things a lot slower although I still have the nagging constant toothache pain in the base of my back and feel as though am going to fall off my hinges!

    Hope you are a lot better now just take it steady.



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