Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Do you use lard

Call me old fashioned but I still use lard in my cooking - it makes great  shortcrust  pastry used half and half with butter  or on its own and I also use it for doing the roast potatoes when I haven't got any pork dripping or goose fat to hand.  I also use it for frying eggs and lovely home made pancakes - you don't need much and a little goes a long long way.  Lets face it we can all aspire high and we are all encouraged to use certain ingredients. but we are not necessarily always able to afford the things we would like to like goose fat.  I make my pork dripping using lard see my post here:Home Made Pork Dripping 19.05.2009.  Hah you say Yuk it will furr up your arteries - not if its used sensibly.  Its like most things if we use more than we actually need it can cause problems hence everything in moderation.  I bet you have already had it and not known what your food was cooked in and proper beef dripping for home made chips - lovely.

What caused me to bring attention to this cheap alternative to oil is this article which I thought was very well written and am pleased to say that yes I still do.

Lets face it oil is going up nearly every time you go round to the shops.  I use the Co-op lard - my mum does too and she will only use that.  My mother bless her heart is slightly peculiar in that she is not keen on oils and fats generally she can always taste things cooked in oil and it always turns her up, but you can add extra flavour to lard by adding some fresh herb sprigs such as Rosemary or Thyme to well give your ingredients more flavour.  So if you want to save the pennies  reach for a pack of lard - it keeps well in the fridge and in the freezer.

And Butter  - yes I use Butter also as I don't like the low fat margarines. (think I take after my mum here)  I use the butter papers for lining the baking tray when I am making home made sage and onion stuffing.  

Its just the modern housewife has lost the knowledge of our forebears unless you are lucky like me my Nan and my Mum both used lard and used to render their own dripping too.



P.S. Specialities such as Lardy Bread and Dripping cake were made with lard its a cultural tradition in this country - ooh warm Lardy Bread I am salivating at the thought.


  1. You're not alone, I too make my pastry with half and half lard and use it for roasting my potatoes. I frankly think that goose fat is highly over-rated! I also use butter, I'd rather go without than use marg or these low fat spreads, they taste appalling. You sound just like my mum - she always said that the best thing was a good mixed diet and everything in moderation. She loved fat actually and lived to 88 with no physical health problems at all!

  2. I used to use lard and agree how much better pastry tastes when made with half and half. Butter we do just can't beat the taste!

  3. I always use the half and half and my mum is certainly a good pastry cook - I usually make by hand and my pastry does tend to be a little short. My mum says its like her mum used to make, but it is tasty done this way.


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